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The furnishing and equipment of a commercial interior are representative of the business and also serve as external advertising. Whether it’s the meeting room of a large company, the hotel lobby, or the interior of a shoe store, customer expectations are always met with a carpet of very high quality, vibrant colors, and long-lasting durability.

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MORGENLAND TEPPICHE offers special discounted pricing to its business customers, which can be negotiated through a telephone consultation. Our special terms apply to all major private customers, interior designers, hotels, companies, and specialty stores, whom we are happy to visit and advise on-site. High-quality is essential for carpets in the commercial sector, as they must impress with every appearance. We offer you the opportunity to have your own company logo on the carpet or even an individually designed wall carpet.


Carpets for the Commercial Sector, an Example of High-Quality Materials

Just as the flooring of a commercial enterprise must meet different requirements than that of private customers, the same applies to carpets. Floor coverings are classified in terms of usage classes and abrasion classes to predefine surface and material properties for commercial, private, and industrial use. Manufacturer warranties are also taken into account, as they promote the durability of their products. Similar expectations are placed on a commercial carpet, but with different quality criteria as a basis.


The Dilemma of Choice, the Right Carpet for the Commercial Sector

MORGENLAND TEPPICHE can provide you with a cost estimate for an individually designed carpet by calculating the costs. To do so, it’s necessary to examine the type of carpet more closely. Whether a whole corridor, a room, or an office needs carpeting, you have the choice between various carpet products: custom-sized carpets, rolls, or carpet tiles. While rolls and carpet tiles are suitable for installation in corridors or large office spaces, custom-sized carpets are used for seating areas or as a highlight in the room.

Carpet Fibers, Shape, and Color: Quality That Makes a Difference

The first impression is convincing. With excellent carpet fibers, nearly any pattern and color scheme can be realized. Design takes center stage when interior decor needs to interact harmoniously. Therefore, the carpet should match the waiting room’s sofa, the store’s interior, or other commercial furnishings. MORGENLAND TEPPICHE is happy to advise you in this regard and can customize your carpet. This includes the possibility of integrating your company’s logo.


The Carpet Backing, a Fundamental Quality Feature for Business Carpets

High-quality carpets leave a lasting impression not only visually but also in terms of comfort for business customers. In addition to high walking comfort, commercial carpets should have the appropriate quality seal that thoroughly examines material properties regarding abrasion resistance, tread resistance, and fire resistance. Moreover, it’s highly advantageous to use heat- and sound-insulating carpets in heavily trafficked areas. Reduced noise levels gradually reduce acoustic stress, benefiting your employees as well. The carpet backing plays a significant role, which can be made of felt, latex, or a textile backing in the case of carpet goods. These materials round out the carpet’s material quality and ensure that it is always comfortable and easy on the joints. Individual custom-made carpets, for example, in a reception hall, should also have a certain slip resistance. Individual goods should, therefore, be examined and evaluated separately. We at MORGENLAND TEPPICHE are the right partner for this.

The Choice Always Comes Down to Natural Fibers and Synthetic Fibers.

Especially in commercial use, the quality of the product depends on the average fiber length and their purity. Whether woven, tufted, or machine-made carpets, the level of durability for commercial carpets should always be a priority. In the business world, cotton is typically used as a natural fiber, or a choice is made for a synthetic fiber such as polyamide or polyester. While cotton is very robust, stretchable, and heat-resistant, synthetic fibers excel in stain resistance, high moisture resistance, and ease of care. Whichever material you choose, we will find the perfect carpet together that matches your business’s style and character, impressing every customer.


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