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Afghan Rugs: Authentic Tribal Designs for Artistic Interiors

Afghan Rug Patterns - Tradition Meets Passion

Dive into the world of Afghan rugs and discover the art of the Orient. Each pattern resembles a painting and is unique in itself. The pattern is the most crucial characteristic of an Afghan rug; it combines the tradition of the knotting province and the passion of the weaver. A rug from the Orient thus embodies the soul of the weaver, the norms and values of the province. A weaver spends up to four years in one piece. The weavers are given a typical design template for the province and which they follow. This design template is usually used only once and then changed. In the countryside, on the other hand, the nomads weave the nomadic rugs without a template, but the designs of neighbouring villages are similar. In these cases, the rugs are identical in colour and pattern.

Afghan Rug Production - A Closely Linked Network

Conventional Afghan rugs are hand-knotted and originate mainly from the ancient Orient. In many production locations, the manufacture of these rugs is the life insurance of the weavers and other actors involved. Local connections between suppliers and producers enable shorter delivery routes and faster production. This regional network is maintained by passing it on from generation to generation.

Rug Material - The Advantages of Natural Fibres

Classic Afghan rugs are usually made from natural fibres. Natural fibres are divided into plant and animal fibres. In most cases, virgin wool is used, which is sourced from local production sites. That means all stakeholders involved benefit from the region. The processed virgin wool is odourless and has a high-fat content. That makes the rugs resistant and durable. The natural fibres are used to ensure a balanced indoor climate and can also be combined with underfloor heating. In addition to virgin wool, other natural yarns such as cork wool, cotton or silk are used.

Rug Colours - The Transformation of Colours

An Afghan rug is rich in colours and nuances. Coloured rugs fit in almost every interior, whether classic and oriental or modern and simple.

Handmade rugs need to be exposed to the sun for over a month to fade sufficiently. This time is usually not observed in the supply chain, so it is not a miracle that the rugs fade in your home. To ensure even fading, the rug should be rotated every two years. This way, in individual cases, the rug only gets its final colour after ten years.

Rug Shape - The Right Cut for Every Interior

Handmade rugs come in all conventional shapes. The most common are rectangular rugs. There are two specifications of rectangular rugs; square rugs and long narrow rugs, the so-called "rug runners." Round rugs and oval rugs, on the other hand, are much rarer.

Afghan Rug Patterns - Detailed and Unique

The precise artistry of the rug weavers can be seen in the patterns. The careful handwork makes an Afghan rug so valuable. Each pattern is unique, yet there are similarities within a rug family. Afghan rugs make simple, modern interiors look more lively through the variety of their colours and patterns and thus create a cosier atmosphere.

Living - Afghan rugs for your interior

Afghan rugs cut a fine figure in any room. The timeless oriental design survives the trend of every age. They can be laid out in almost any room, whether in the bright living room or the cosy bedroom. Even stains do not bother them. The fantastic patterns make minor stains look invisible. In contrast to coarse high pile rugs, such as shaggy rugs, Afghan rugs are very fine and short-piled, which means that these rugs can also be added to your own walls as valuable pieces.

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