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Oriental Woven Rugs: Celebrate Timeless Eastern Art in Your Home

Woven rugs - robust, modern, and timelessly beautiful

Woven rugs look back on a long history well into antiquity. Because weaving is the oldest technique for making rugs. A so-called two-thread system is used for production, in which vertical warp threads are initially stretched in a loom. The horizontal weft threads are fed alternately by hand through the warp threads from above and below so that gradually a flat weave is created.

The great variety of woven rugs results, among other things, from the fact that they have not only been produced regionally but have always been produced by all cultures around the globe. The materials used and the traditional appearance vary depending on the country of origin. Weft and warp threads can be made of cotton, new wool, viscose, hemp, or sisal. Rugs made of silk look particularly elegant. Depending on the rug, the warp threads can be processed as an edge or linked to form fringes.

One of the advantages of a woven rug is that it is flat, light, and very flexible. In addition, the picture on the top and bottom is identical, which is why woven rugs can be used from both sides. Together with robustness and resilience, this is a fact that speaks for a long life expectancy. The best proof of this is antique woven rugs, which have survived for more than a century and are still evidence of high-quality materials and masterful craftsmanship. As sought-after collector's items, they are now achieving top prices.

Stylistic diversity in varied colors and patterns

Nomadic peoples once used their hand-woven kilim rugs as floor coverings and wall decorations and used them to depict their everyday lives, their feelings, their desires, and their traditions. Patterns, characters, motifs, and symbols varied depending on the tribe. The kilim rugs often showed geometric patterns or detailed flora and fauna. The traditional kilim rugs are still very popular today and are now also available in modern versions with fresh colors and brightly colored patterns.

There are also single-colored woven rugs in subtle colors and rugs with reduced patterns that rely on stylistic elements but do not cause any disturbance in the room. Woven rugs in delicate pastel tones or individual pieces that are reminiscent of modern art or paintings also create a decorative and modern living environment. It is the diversity that makes woven rugs a contemporary home accessory that can be easily integrated into any interior design style. Whether classic, ethnic, country house, vintage or clear, puristic design, they upgrade every room and set stylish accents.

Proper care of your woven rug

Woven rugs are considered to be extremely robust and durable. Their maintenance does not require any increased effort. For example, woven rugs should be vacuumed at least once a week with a commercially available vacuum cleaner. Due to their low weight, they can be easily turned over and vacuumed from both sides. Even to shake them out, no great effort is required. Small stains can be easily washed out with a solution of water and curd soap. Foam and dry cleaners, cleaning equipment, and washing machines should be avoided for the benefit of the rug. If a thorough cleaning is due, it is advisable to hand it over to a professional rug cleaner. In this way, shape, quality, and color are guaranteed to be preserved. To avoid one-sided wear and tear and fading from sunlight, specialist lighting fixtures recommend turning them by 90 or 180 degrees every few months. In this context, it is also important that woven rugs should generally not be exposed to moisture.

The suitable woven rug for every living space

Sisal and hemp rugs turn out to be ideal floor coverings for heavily frequented rooms, corridors, and entrance areas due to their dirt-repellent properties. In the living room, woven rugs create a cozy atmosphere under a coffee table or your favorite armchair. Woven rugs made of virgin wool or cotton are particularly suitable wherever they should be cozy and comfortable. Woven rugs also offer a wide variety of shapes. With us, you will find a wide selection of rectangular, square, round, and narrow rugs. In this way, these beautiful and diverse rugs create harmonious and homely accents and adapt to every living concept and every surface.

Our range of woven rugs ranges from classic designs to modern designs. With different countries of origin, materials, styles, shapes, and sizes, we offer our customers a wide selection. This also applies to the patterns of our rugs, which range from natural motifs and geometric figures to modern stripe designs. Different price categories ensure that the right woven rug remains affordable for every budget. When you buy a woven rug, you are consciously choosing tradition, modern living, and sustainability. So reasons enough to opt for a stylish, varied, and easy-care woven rug. We look forward to helping you with your selection if you wish.

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