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Oval Rugs: Embrace the Unconventional with Unique Shapes

An oval rug is practical and versatile. This popular rug shape fits wonderfully into living spaces and creates an inviting and cozy look. The rounded ends combine round rugs with an elongated shape, so you can lay them out in an extremely variable way. Here in the store, you will find oval rugs from leading brand manufacturers in high-quality materials and workmanship. All models are robust, durable, and easy to clean. You have a wide choice of colors and patterns. In addition, many different model variants are available, from short pile rugs to long pile rugs. Below you can learn more about our range of oval rugs.

What makes oval rugs so special

Oval rugs are very close to round rugs because of their shape. They also have neither corners nor edges but differed from the circle in that they have a horizontal and vertical orientation. As circles are drawn in length and width, they offer a significantly increased surface area.

Oval rugs have a very harmonious appearance. They often form a central point in rooms, where people like to meet. "A cozy round" is therefore the program here. Thus, the oval forms an ideal combination of a circle and rectangle, which on the one hand has a large surface area, and on the other hand does without hard edges and contours. In this way, freshness and variety are introduced and create a cozy ambiance in which everyone can feel at home. A modern form that offers many advantages and therefore knows how to convince in all interior styles.

Oval rugs for the living area

For the living area, an oval rug is a real asset. Shape, colors, and patterns give a harmonious impression. Due to the large selection here in the store, it is easy to find a model that fits the room design. Classic oriental rugs are available as well as vintage rugs and models in current trend colors. Depending on your needs and taste, you can choose a rug with a long or short pile.

Especially in living areas rugs with oval shape radiate coziness and comfort. People have been sitting together in a circle since time immemorial, and today they like to do so especially in the living room on a cozy sofa or at a shared meal in the dining room or kitchen. Oval rugs know how to perfectly fit couches and dining tables, providing enough space even for large families and guests. As an exposed rug, the oval shape is just as suitable, as it stands for order and purposefully contrasts with angular shapes and straight contours. Here they offer the children's room enough space for romping and playing, while in the bedroom they provide a feel-good atmosphere.

Variety of oval rugs

Not without reason, Feng Shui focuses on flowing, round and curved shapes and gives oval coffee tables and rugs preference over rectangular ones. The seventies also relied on round and organic shapes for furniture and patterns - rugs included. Thus, oval rugs fit perfectly into a retro interior, whether in pastel shades of the 50s or in the bright colors of the 70s. In contrast, they look classically elegant in restrained natural tones and noble gray. Thus, oval rugs prove to be real all-rounders, which with their beautiful shape provide coziness in both modern and oriental interior styles and invite you to feel at home and comfortable.

Colors & materials

In addition to the appropriate size, colors and materials also contribute significantly to a cozy ambiance. Thus, large rugs prove ideal to fill spacious rooms with coziness, while a small rug with beautiful colors provides colorful splashes of color in small rooms. At the same time, the choice of oval rugs is almost unlimited. Those who like it more simply, opt for a plain rug oval in restrained natural colors, and those who like it more eye-catching, enjoy a wide range of bright colors and extravagant patterns. Thus, the rugs can be matched to the color of the interior or set stylish accents through color contrasts.

Oval high pile rugs provide a great deal of comfort, fluffy and cuddly soft they invite with wool and synthetic fibers to play as well as to relax extensively. Short pile oriental rugs look particularly elegant and stylish with elaborate ornaments and high-quality virgin wool, jute rugs appear very natural due to processed plant fibers and fill every room with a touch of exoticism. In much-used rooms, on the contrary, washable rugs made of cotton promise a great degree of softness and hygiene.

Our offer of rugs with oval shape

We at Morgenland Rugs offer our clientele a wide selection of oval rugs. It ranges from oriental rugs in various shades, sizes, and patterns to gold, red, and green Gabbeh rugs and natural and multicolored sisal rugs with and without borders. Our hand-knotted Ziegler rugs made of pure new wool are especially finely crafted. Our oval rugs vary in size and convince through quality and high-quality workmanship. Since the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority, we would like to be a competent and friendly contact person for you, who will answer all your questions and support you in your search for your personal favorite piece. We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

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