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Square Rugs: Balance and Symmetry for a Harmonious Space

Square rugs - a question of style

The square is a beautiful alternative to the classic rectangle and is best suited to create a cozy atmosphere. Due to their sides of equal length, square rugs provide a good balance of space by creating central points and setting visual highlights. Depending on the chosen size, color, and material, they do this more or less noticeably. The square in itself stands for clarity and order. With four sides of equal length, it is perfectly balanced and conveys a very pleasant overall impression. With its clear edges, it creates defined boundaries and in this way makes it easier to structure the room. So, if you are in the mood for symmetry and clarity and are looking for a stylish alternative to classic round rugs and rectangular rugs, a square rug is a good choice.

To elegantly furnish small rooms, square rugs are a great option. They provide a symmetrical overall impression and stylishly enhance living areas. Here in the store, you can find rugs in square shapes in many different sizes, colors, and patterns. All models convince with a high quality of materials and workmanship. They offer pleasant walking comfort and prove to be easy to clean, robust and durable. In the following, you will get more information about the square rugs from our assortment.

Special features of a square rug

A square shape is considered to be particularly clear and harmonious. The four edges of the same length provide an aesthetic appearance that is particularly suitable for square rooms. However, wide beds in the bedroom or a round coffee table will also suit such a rug. You can also coordinate small square rug models especially well with sofa, armchair, and ceiling lamps to create a cozy reading corner. Here are the advantages of square rugs at a glance:

  • symmetrical shape
  • models for indoor and outdoor use
  • versatile to combine
  • wide range of colors and patterns

Sizes, colors & materials 

Retailers offer square rugs in all imaginable sizes, colors, and materials. Standard sizes here range from small rugs with dimensions of 50 x 50 centimeters to rugs with an area of four square meters and more. In natural colors square rugs convince with simple elegance, with bright colors and impressive patterns they set homely accents. Depending on the desired use, rugs made of jute prove to be particularly practical for heavy use, while as a high-pile rug they provide comfort and cozy warm moments.

Square rugs are suitable for any room

Since the character of square rugs is characterized by clarity and order, they offer ideal conditions for giving structure to rooms. For example, an exposed square rug clearly delineates itself from the furniture surrounding it, if desired. However, these clear boundaries can be easily broken up by pulling furniture onto the rug to form a bond with it.

Living rooms in particular benefit from the structuring properties of square rugs and become the preferred place for the whole family to spend time thanks to high pile, shaggy and flokati. In the bedroom, fluffy rugs also prove to be particularly pleasant when walking barefoot, a square rug made of soft and insensitive material invites in the children's room to play, read aloud and cuddle. In heavily frequented rooms or in rooms where soiling cannot be avoided, square rugs made of jute and cotton are ideal. They provide not only stylish accents in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway, but also cleanliness and hygiene. Washable and easy-care rugs made of cotton and synthetic fibers are therefore very popular on the balcony and terrace, as well as in the winter garden.

Square rugs are compact and space-saving. They can be laid out flexibly and are particularly suitable for a cozy seating area in the living or dining room. Square rug models can be found here in the store as compact runners as well as expansive oriental rugs. Furthermore, you have the choice between short and long pile models. In addition to indoor rugs, we also have suitable models for outdoor use. For example, you can equip the balcony or the garden with a rug in this form.

Due to their regularity, square rugs skillfully fit into a wide range of design and style trends. They demand a certain amount of attention and come out especially beautifully as a central element. In natural colors such as cream, beige, brown and gray, they look very cozy and enrich natural interiors such as country style. In delicate pastel shades, they look understated and stylish in a Scandinavian-influenced setting. The same applies to vintage style. Square rugs in yellow, orange, red or apple green bring color to modern interior styles, where they either support an existing color concept or add colorful highlights to restrained and reduced rooms.

Patterned and imaginative square rugs

Here in the store you have a wide selection of rugs in square shapes. You can find plain and unicolored rugs and runners as well as models with complex patterns and color gradients. In addition, you can choose between rugs with short and long fibers. Depending on the design of your room, you can choose a rug with a sewn edge or fringes. Modern design rugs not only provide colorful patterns, but also tactile patterns with different pile heights and textures. You too can bet on the high-quality, elegant, and practical rugs in square shape. Benefit here in the online store from attractive prices and fast shipping.

With Morgenland rugs to your personal favorite piece

Our selection of square rugs ranges from hand-woven Gabbeh rugs made of pure new wool to particularly fine hand-knotted Ziegler rugs and wonderfully soft wool rugs made of easy-care viscose. Brilliantly colored are our hand-knotted tapestries made of cork wool, which are very finely worked with about 500,000 knots. Afghan rugs, Nepal rugs, Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and various designer rugs complete our wide range of products.

We have made it our business to convince our customers with the highest possible quality and high-quality workmanship. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we answer all your questions in detail and advise you on the way to your personal favorite model.

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