Plain Rugs

Enhance your interior with the understated elegance of plain rugs, offering a touch of minimalistic beauty to complement any decor.

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Plain Rugs: Minimalist Beauty for a Chic Decor

Plain rugs - Unique modern designs.

Be inspired by the diversity in the world of rugs and give your rooms a pleasant look with a feel-good ambiance with beautiful and high-quality rugs. On top of that, rugs offer you a pleasant and warm feeling for your feet. With us, you will find suitable types of rugs to match your taste and room design. From monochrome short pile and high pile rugs to runners and natural fiber rugs to woven or wool rugs. High pile rugs have a fiber length between 1.5 cm and 5 cm, which is why they offer a warmer and softer feel than, for example, short pile rugs with shorter fibers. Short pile rugs, on the other hand, are suitable for high-traffic areas where chairs or furniture are also used. If you need a durable rug that will be used in high-traffic areas and is also easy to clean, then runners are a suitable choice. Natural fiber rugs are also durable and long-lasting rugs that you can combine well with underfloor heating. With wool rugs, you can provide a cozy and at the same time stylish room climate. Do you want to set artistic accents? Then you will also find a variety of vintage rugs and designer rugs.

The production methods for rugs are different. Among the best-known are weaving and knotting. The former can be done by hand or by machine. In addition, rugs can also be knotted, braided or tufted.

Plain rug material

When it comes to the variety of materials for the rug, it depends on your requirements. Depending on whether you want the rug to be easy to clean and durable. Or whether it is used decoratively and is not exposed to much stress, different materials are suitable. Basically, a distinction can be made between natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers are, for example, polyamide, polyester, or polypropylene. These materials are very durable and require little effort in maintenance. Natural fibers include virgin wool, cotton cork wool, and silk. Virgin wool and cork wool are also durable and long-lasting, with cork wool being even more supple. Cotton is completely plant-based, making it especially beneficial for those allergic to pet dander. Water-sensitive silk is especially luxurious and soft, yet durable.

Plain rug colors

When choosing your rugs, colors play an important role in the design of your rooms. You can deliberately set accents and achieve different effects by choosing colors. For example, radiate a pleasant coolness and calmness with a rug in blue for your bedroom. Provide joy and concentration with a rug in yellow. Or choose white for the rug to integrate it elegantly into your room.

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