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Blue Rugs: Dive into Calming Blues for a Tranquil Home

Blue is a color of longing. The Madonna coat is traditionally blue. The Romantics spoke of the Blue Flower. In modern design, blue has been part of the canon since the Bauhaus. Artists like Yves Klein created a whole universe of pure blue. If you buy a rug in blue, you will walk like clouds and feel inspired. A large room can thereby gain in coziness, a small room with light blue in width. Due to their soothing color, rugs blue are immensely popular and fit almost any interior.

Sizes and Colors

There is a blue rug in all imaginable shapes and sizes, which makes it fit into any living space. Its color intensity increases the comfort and sets great accents. Choose the right format from us!

Blue comes in countless variations. Dyeing blue wool and silk used to be possible only with indigo and woad. The Egyptians already used it. Today, combinations like blue - gray, blue - gold or the maritime blue - white in stripes are appreciated. You can work with it contrastively and give structure to a room or create tone in tone a noble ambiance with a precious oriental rug.

The alternation of structures and surfaces has an influence on tension and harmony in the room. A patterned Persian rug should be allowed to unfold its effect. Too many detailed pieces of furniture distract from its beauty. In a room rich in ornaments fits a plain kilim or a rug with large-scale clear patterns, such as a Gabbeh rug.


Rug made of fur: Blue is relatively unusual for rugs made of fur, but it is precisely this that makes this variation an eye-catcher for the eccentric interior style. You'll make a style statement with it.

  • Pile rug: High pile and short pile look great in blue, there are these rugs in quite a few shades of blue and also with patterns.
  • Cotton rug: Cotton can be dyed blue excellently, which is why we encounter this variant more often. Such rugs are often laid out in the hallway or kitchen. The combination of blue and white goes well with the maritime style of the interior.

Warm or Cool? A Blue Rug Can Do Both

Blue tones are often associated with coolness. The paintings of Caspar David Friedrich stand for torpor and coldness, with red components blue gets a violet shimmer, which is perceived as warm. When buying a blue rug, you should decide in advance what aura you want your interior to have and what you will combine the rug with. A study can tolerate coolness and concentration, in a bedroom, you may prefer it to be cozy. If you choose a short pile or plain weave blue rug for a frequently used room, the blue should not be too bright. If you're dreaming of a Nepal rug, opt for a sturdy yet cozy, high-pile floor covering made of wool that impresses with its clear ornamentation and special knotting technique.

Guide to Combine Blue Rugs Correctly

If a rug is blue, it allows various combinations with furniture and accessories because the blue matches almost every other shade. So you can live out your creativity when decorating with a blue rug. Also, feel free to match different shades of blue with each other. Dark blue makes a refreshing contrast to bright white. Moreover, blue gets along with cool shades of gray, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Our blue Persian rugs and Gabbeh rugs in this color are considered a special attraction.

Attractive color combinations with the blue rug.

Blue has as its complementary color yellow, which is also contained in orange. Therefore, the rug in blue goes well with yellow or orange walls, curtains, and individual pieces of furniture. This combination creates a cheerful tension. More calm and harmony are created by a blue rug in front of light brown and white furniture or surfaces. This creates both the maritime and Mediterranean style of interior design. However, a splash of red color also goes well with blue. A rug in blue has an invigorating and calming effect in equal measure. Therefore, many people put it in the bedroom to completely relax.

Patterns of Blue Rugs: Traditional Reading or Modern Interpretation

Blue rugs tell stories. Patterns of oriental and Persian rugs take you to the fairytale world of a thousand and one nights. Persians are among the most valuable rugs; their tradition goes back thousands of years. In Iran, the real Persians are knotted with high craftsmanship. Each region has its own special patterns. Bijar rugs are known for their robustness, which is based on a high knotting density and a special impact technique when weaving. Restrained in design, you can use them in many ways.

 Bijars are especially known for their floral Herati pattern. Among the most famous oriental rugs are Keshan rugs. Already in the 17th century, they were considered luxury goods and embellished palaces and the houses of rich merchants. Traditionally, at least one weft thread was dyed in light blue. The splendor rugs are elaborately designed and often combine medallion and richly patterned ground.

Blue Rugs Serve for Tranquility and Concentration

The fascinating thing about blue rugs with classic patterns is their uniqueness, which corresponds with your individuality. Blue is available from an almost white with light blue to the deep dark trendy navy color. Combining contemporary modern furniture pieces with a hand-knotted blue rug creates its own distinctive ambiance. High-quality blue rugs can become lifelong companions. Fans of a cool atmosphere will appreciate their faithful companion as much as people who like it cozy or playfully romantic. Blue harmonizes with cool terrazzo and the warm hue of old floorboards. With a rug in blue (living) dreams can come true.

Buy and Finance Blue Rugs in Installments

You can easily finance your blue rug with us, whereby you determine the duration and thus the amount of the monthly installments yourself. Of course, you can also choose other payment options. The selection of blue rugs can really be seen. Depending on the type of rug, such as sisal, kilim, or Gabbeh, as well as the size and shape, each of these rugs gives the room a very unique look.

You can easily order the blue rug online with us in Morgenland. Choose from a wide variety of shades, such as light and dark blue or the popular navy blue. The shade of blue just has to match your interior and other home accessories. Also, decide on the right shape and size, as well as the appropriate material and pile length. Blue rugs are especially popular in children's rooms. They create a maritime atmosphere there.

ell as the appropriate material and pile length. Blue rugs are especially popular in children's rooms. They create a maritime atmosphere there.

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