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High Pile Rugs: Sink Your Feet into Ultimate Comfort

Why should you choose deep-pile rugs?

Since the sixties, they have been in vogue - the long-pile eye-catchers in every imaginable color from subtle cream to ultra-orange or pink. High-pile rugs can be draped impressively or decorate special areas. They are the exclusive counterpart to the sturdy office and everyday rug, the visual invitation to chill out and unwind. High-pile rugs in the apartment provide coziness and a comfortable living atmosphere. Anyone who sinks his feet into such a rug knows about its cozy and sometimes warming properties. However, due to its longer pile, it is not as easy to clean as a short pile rug. Therefore, you should pay attention to a few things when cleaning high pile rugs.

The pile of short pile rug has a maximum height of 1.5 cm. In a high pile rug, the pile is more than 1.5 cm to a maximum of 5 cm. The pile of a long pile rug reaches a height of more than 5 cm.

A modern high-pile rug for your living rooms

With a modern and elegant high-pile rug you can make living rooms cozy and visually enhance them. These high-quality rugs have a cozy and soft pile and provide a pleasant walking comfort. Here in the store you will find a comprehensive selection of high pile rugs from leading brand manufacturers. All models convince with a high quality of materials and workmanship. In everyday life they are hard-wearing and durable. The rugs are available in many different formats, sizes and colors. In the following you will learn more about our high-pile rug assortment.

Your high pile rug: noble meets cuddly

Elegant rooms win with high-quality rugs that complement luxurious furnishings. Their texture alone sets contrasting accents and makes mirror-smooth surfaces shine or mattes glow softly. A high-pile rug provides warmth with style. You feel it not only under your feet, but also in the room climate and the overall effect. If you long for heavenly harmony, you can take off with a high pile rug.

Raught Rug as a year-round rug

Raught rugs are available in many different varieties. In the living room, they provide comfort and warmth. However, a Raught Rug is also suitable for bedrooms, dining rooms and even bathrooms. The long and fluffy fibers make these rugs both a visual and tactile delight. All year round, these high pile rugs will add an inviting and homey charm to any room. Patterns and shades of the rugs, runners and bridges can be adjusted to suit the season. Red and beige are especially popular for summer, white, gray and brown for winter.

High pile rugs and shaggys: appealing look for every taste

High pile rugs wait for you with a noble look and give living rooms more comfort. You can use them as a base of a seating set or place the coffee table on it. The high pile models or shaggys fit many different interior styles. They can enrich a rustic country style as well as a modern interior. Discover the variety of shapes, patterns and colors in our rug assortment. Compact runners and bridges are represented as well as expansive living room rugs. You'll find models in subtle colors like gray, beige, anthracite and white, but also in trendy colors like orange, green and red. The range includes rectangular, round and square models. Here are the main advantages of high-pile rugs at a glance:

  • stylish design
  • warm underfoot comfort
  • many different sizes, formats, patterns and colors
  • high quality material

How are shaggy high pile rugs made?

High pile rugs can be created in different ways:

Woven rugs such as Flokati are made in a special process in which the warp threads are left at the desired pile height and cut open. This creates a firm base and a fluffy side.
Tufting is done with pile yarn, which is inserted into a base fabric. This creates pile loops on one side of the rug. These loops, if long enough, form a loop pile rug. If they are cut or shaved, a cut pile rug is formed. If the pile is cut at different heights, interesting patterns are created on the tufted fabric.
Knotted rugs belong to the classics. Specimens with pictorial designs or in consistently one color are made by machine or by hand.

Give rooms a cozy atmosphere with a high-pile rug. Here in the store we have modern and high-quality models for living room, dining room, office, bedroom, winter garden and children's room. Single-color models are available as well as copies with unusual patterns and color combinations. High pile and shaggy rugs are a real visual highlight and easier to clean than you think. Furnish your living spaces with elegant high pile rugs and benefit here in the store from high quality, large selection, low prices and fast shipping.

Types of high pile rugs in Morgenland Shop

They are ancient. First rugs have been around since the beginning of human coexistence. With the keeping of pets and the shepherds, the first high pile, flokati rugs also appeared. They warmed the people. Dense high pile rugs existed in the ancient Orient and in the Renaissance. Around 1900, they decorated palaces and upper middle-class homes. After a stopover with primarily flat-woven rugs, the high pile rug reclaimed its territory in the 1960s and thrilled as soft shaggy on the couch landscape in the living room and in front of the fireplace.

Consciously show rug style

The charm of a room is revealed in the composition of details, the coherent match that transforms the wall and floor into what is called a room. A rug high pile can be made in a wide variety of designs. Classically oriental colors and patterns blend into the overall picture, minimalist and clear it comes in subtle colors and takes away the coolness of a reduced furnishing, as an original Flokati it brings hippie mood into the room.

High pile rug in all colors

You can choose according to your preferences: Do you love it flashy and colorful, then choose your high pile rug in a gaudy color. You are more of a discreet type? Then look around at the pile rugs in muted colors, very popular here, for example, the pile rug gray or the pile rug beige, as well as the pile rug white. With Nepalese patterns or Persian Gabbehs a touch of exoticism moves through your living room.

Classic virgin wool - modern design

You can find high pile rugs made of different materials. This makes it easy for you to choose a high pile rug for your purposes:

Virgin wool is one of the classics. The original material is still the favorite for many today.
Synthetic fibers are conquering living rooms and offices. Easy to clean, robust and colorfast, they allow new uses for high pile rugs.
Viscose as an additive ensures a dense, velvety and, above all, long-lasting pile.

Back to the Seventies, simply quaint or pure rug luxury

Retro and shabby style are in. What could fit better than a shaggy rug? The shaggy shag rugs are the revolting counterpart to the flokati and fascinate visually and haptically.


Which rug suits me?

You live consciously? A flokati fits your lifestyle! Sustainable, natural and with a little nostalgic pinch of Love & Peace it flatters your look and your feet. You belong rather to the champagne faction? Noble, heavy high pile rugs from Nepal, Persia or Turkey are at your feet.

How should you clean high pile rugs?

You should vacuum high pile rugs at least once a week, because dust, hair and dirt settle faster in the long pile. Stains should be removed immediately, with water and a cloth. If the stains are stubborn, then use rug foam or stain remover. But it depends on the material of your rug. Test both cleaners on an inconspicuous area beforehand.

A very good idea is to beat it out outside twice a year. It is even better when there is snow. Lay your rug with the pile on the snow and knock it out. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

Can high pile rugs go in the washing machine?

Unless the high pile rug is too large, it can usually go in the washing machine. But be sure to check the washing instructions on its label beforehand. It may need a program with more water, as it absorbs a lot of water.

How to protect high pile rugs?

There are only two types of chair or furniture casters, in addition to many designs and models. There are furniture casters for hard floors (parquet, tile) and furniture casters for soft floors, i.e. rugs. To protect your rug, you should definitely use furniture rollers that are suitable for soft floors.

Which robot vacuum cleaner is suitable ?

With a vacuum cleaner you can clean any rug well. But not every robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for high pile rugs. Here are the criteria that a robot vacuum cleaner must meet in order to be able to clean high pile rugs.

High suction power

The robot vacuum needs a high suction power to remove sunken dirt, hair and grime. According to users' testimonials, its suction power should be at least 1500 Pa, and even better 2000 Pa (Pascal).

rug detection function

The robot vacuum should be able to detect with its sensors on which surface it is vacuuming and select the appropriate program. A medium suction power is usually sufficient for a hard surface. But when it drives over the rug, it should automatically switch to the maximum suction power. These programs are called: rug Mode, rug Boost or rug Turbo.

Overcoming heights

A vacuum robot must be able to "climb" a bit in order to overcome a climbing height (e.g. also door thresholds). If it does not have the function to overcome slopes, it will stop in front of the rug and classify it as an obstacle. A vacuum cleaner robot needs tires made of rubber so that it can overcome a certain height. It should be able to overcome slopes of 2 cm without any problems.

3 Cleaning tips for rugs

Regular vacuuming should be a matter of course. If the size is suitable, also ensure that it is beaten out and blown through in fresh air.
Regular brushing against the grain prevents flattened spots.
Remove stains immediately if possible. Check means in a discreet place so that there is no lightening.

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