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Runner Rugs: Enhance Hallways with Vibrant Style

Runner rugs serve many purposes in our living spaces. With their versatility, they emphasize the personal style. Runner rugs never go out of fashion. Oriental rugs for bedrooms and long hallways are the new stars in the rug universe and can be found at Morgenland rugs in an attractive selection. Runner rugs convince of high quality, with wonderful patterns and fascinating colors. They are practical, fit especially well in narrow rooms, and provide cozy foot warmth. A runner rug is also a suitable floor decoration in a child's room because it can be used as a play rug and gives the room more charisma. Bet your kid will especially like to choose the runner rug as a play mat?

What is a Runner Rug?

When a rug is made narrow and elongated in shape, it is called a runner or rug runner. It is used in places where the space is narrow or where the feet should have a warm and comfortable surface. The rug runner is used mainly where in everyday life the shoes are changed and bare feet or dressed only in socks, cause an unpleasant feeling. This is usually the case in the hallway, wardrobe area, or dressing room. Also in the bedroom, a rug runner after getting up increases the feeling of well-being, if the feet do not immediately come into contact with the cold floor.

Sometimes it also accompanies the passage from one room to another as a bridge and protects the subfloor, perhaps made of plank or parquet, from heavy wear. Then the runner is called "bridge" according to its use.  

Since in the kitchen area the floor is usually tiled, when cooking, baking, and preparing all kinds of food, standing for a long time is uncomfortable for the feet. A cold floor causes discomfort, especially if there is no underfloor heating and it is necessary to stay in one place for a long time.

The runner provides not only warmth for the feet, but also comfort due to the soft material.

The material of the rug runner!

As diverse, the design of the rug is also the material used. In order to have pleasure with the rug for a long time, you should pay attention to natural materials. For example, cotton or sheep's wool is well suited for a rug runner. These materials are of high quality and promise long durability. The sheep's wool brings with it many advantages. It has a high percentage of natural fat content, so it is less susceptible to dirt. Wool rugs allow for a beautiful sheen and are easy and gentle to clean.

 If you buy a rug runner made of high-quality materials, you usually have to expect a higher price. However, the price-performance ratio can be described as very good, which means that you can enjoy high-quality rugs for a long time. Natural dyes last longer compared to synthetic ones and are also harmless to health. The natural colors fade very little and also protect the climate and the environment in general with sustainable cultivation. Thus, a rug runner made of natural fabrics is a true asset not only for your own home but also for the environment as a whole. Also, in this case, quality has its price. Those who dig deeper into their wallets for the rug will definitely benefit in many ways in the long run.

The characteristics of the rug runners

Rug runners are widely and popularly used in today's world. But what actually makes this type of rug so popular? If you invest in a rug runner, you will get a real eye-catcher. The narrow and elongated shape is very functional and can be used for many different areas. A rug runner can create subtle transitions in a sophisticated way, making it look inviting. The rug runner also feels very comfortable on the skin and makes the surface with wood or tiles more pleasant. 

The runner, like all other rugs, can create a harmonious, creative ambiance and enhance the sense of well-being of fellow residents. Thanks to the wide range of rugs, you can certainly find a suitable piece for every need and taste. Thus, you can give expression to any individual taste and at the same time bring a unique, coherent touch to your home. However, the runner can create a stir not only indoors, but also wonderfully used outdoors. 

High-quality outdoor rugs can also be wonderfully used on balconies with elongated shapes. Especially if the balcony is very narrow, you often look in vain for a suitable rug. Here, the rug runner can remedy the situation and provide more comfort and beauty in the outdoor area in no time. The kitchen runner is also often found in the kitchen. Placing the rug directly in front of the kitchen counter can provide warm feet and increase comfort while cooking. After all, you often stand in the kitchen for long periods of time when you want to create delicious dishes for the whole family.

A sturdy runner is also very functional, as it can protect the floor from dirt and scratches. Thus, a kitchen runner is not only very visually appealing but also indispensable as a functional protective object. Thus, it can be seen that you definitely make a good choice with a rug runner. The different possibilities of use speak for themselves and make the rug type extremely popular with young and old. The great variety of shapes and designs is the icing on the cake and helps to implement beautiful styles in your own home. Thus, decorating with the purchase of a Morgenland rug runner is truly a great pleasure.

Reasons to buy Runner rugs

Runner rug for ambiance: More creativity in your favorite corner

We all have our favorite corners in the home. This is where we prefer to spend time, reading, dreaming, or simply chatting with family and friends. It's clear that we want to make these relaxing oases extra beautiful. Runner rugs are made for this task. Since you can always reposition runner rugs, they give great design freedom. You can easily lay runner rugs on laminate or parquet floors. They not only give the room new aesthetics, they also prevent your heels from leaving marks on the wood. However, make sure that the runner rug is equipped with a non-slip bottom. Otherwise, it may transport you quite a bit forward when you step on it.

Decorative design: Which runner suits your living style?

Runner rugs can be used to decorate any room in an appealing way. According to your own style, it can be simple or fancy. A modern style convinces with clear shapes and a black, white, or gray color scheme. The classic style relies entirely on neutral colors and also on motifs on the runner, such as the coffee cup in the kitchen. The Scandinavian style is bright and is characterized by its natural materials, to which, among other things, a beige runner fits.

Kitchen, hallway, and living room: suitable runners for your rooms

Runner rugs come in many shapes and different designs. In the kitchen, they provide coziness and protect the floor. In addition, they keep the feet warm. They must be hard-wearing and dirt-repellent. In the hallway, they keep the dirt of the outside world away, they should have a non-slip underside here. In the living area, they are classic rugs in runner form. In the bedroom, they serve as a three-piece bed surround.

Runner rugs in the bedroom

The older ones of us still know them, the three-piece runner sets with oriental patterns, which were laid around the double bed. This tradition still has many followers today, but fortunately, the choice of patterns, colors, and qualities in runner rugs has long been much more refined. Even if you're a fan of modern designs, you'll find a huge range of runners at Morgenland rugs that will cut a top figure in your bedroom. But no matter what pattern, the three-piece bed surrounds will always flatter your feet. Especially in winter, you'll appreciate the fluffy pads.

Runner rugs in the entrance area: dirt catcher or stylish eye-catcher?

Just kill both birds with one stone! With a runner rug, you clean your hallway beyond boring gray dirt-trapping mats with a few simple steps great out. A runner rug makes the entrance area of your apartment more inviting and the street dirt stays there. For often-used walkways, you should choose robust qualities. It would be a pity if the new runner soon loses its charisma.

Runner rugs for more flair in living and dining rooms

Runner rugs are also recommended for the living area, but then with soft high piles. They create a pleasant feeling of walking, can serve as a playing surface for children, and look neat and classy. The material composition and the living area determine the quality of the runner rugs. Depending on whether you are looking for a very durable or a cuddly variant, it is best to choose robust sisal or synthetic. Do you like it natural and noble? Then the wool is your material. The natural material provides a high quality of living and is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Pay attention to the care instructions, especially with wool, because every material follows its own laws.

Why are runner rugs popular?

The classic rug runner is so slim that it fits into any room. Accordingly, it provides coziness throughout the home, such as in the entrance hall, on stair landings, as well as in the living room, dining room, study, and bedroom. The impact sound and heat insulation are just as important as the protection of tiles and wooden floors by the robust runner. Therefore, it is located in the hallway, which is often walked on. Due to their compact dimensions, very many runners can be washed well in the machine. Outdoor runners lie on the terrace or balcony.      

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