Special shape



60 x 40 cm Rectangle & smaller

90 x 60 cm Rectangle

120 x 80 cm Rectangle

140 x 70 cm Rectangle

150 x 100 cm Rectangle

180 x 120 cm Rectangle

200 x 150 cm Rectangle

240 x 170 cm Rectangle

250 x 200 cm Rectangle

300 x 200 cm Rectangle

300 x 250 cm Rectangle

350 x 250 cm Rectangle

400 x 300 cm Rectangle

450 x 350 cm Rectangle

550 x 350 cm Rectangle

600 x 400 cm Rectangle & larger

Length Up to 200 cm Runner

Length 201 - 300 cm Runner

Length 301 - 400 cm Runner

Length over 400 cm Runner

150 cm Ø Round

200 cm Ø Round

250 cm Ø Round

300 cm Ø Round

80 cm Square & smaller

100 cm Square

150 cm Square

200 cm Square

250 cm Square

300 cm Square

350 cm Square

400 cm Square & larger

180 x 120 cm Oval & smaller

240 x 170 cm Oval

300 x 200 cm Oval

350 x 250 cm Oval & larger

Special shape

Main Color

White / Beige / Natural
Black / Silver / Grey
Pink / Purple
Red / Rust / Orange
Yellow / Gold







Animal fur pattern


Children motif



Floral pattern


Heavily patterned



Mixed pattern







Cork wool

Natural fiber

Pure wool











approx. 122500, medium finely crafted

approx. 160000 - 202500, finely crafted

approx. 160000, finely crafted

approx. 202500, finely crafted

approx. 250000, finely crafted

approx. 302500, finely crafted

approx. 360000, finely crafted

approx. 40,000 - 90000, medium finely crafted

approx. 40000, very coarsely crafted

approx. 422500, very finely crafted

approx. 490000, very finely crafted

approx. 722500, very finely crafted

approx. 90000 - 122500, medium finely crafted

approx. 90000, medium finely crafted

1924 Rugs
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Wool rugs - high quality and timeless beauty

If you value naturalness, a wool rug is the best choice. Rugs made of wool are of timeless beauty and offer an extraordinary variety. Depending on the method of manufacture, their appearance varies, and they are also inspired by a wide variety of shapes and colors. Thus, wool rugs can be hand-knotted, woven, or tufted. A process in which the threads are worked into a backing fabric with the help of a needle. Whether you prefer a densely knotted and heavy high pile rug or a flat and light woven rug, you always choose a durable and long-lasting rug.

Wool rugs offer a pleasant feeling when walking and provide warmth and comfort in winter. As a natural material, wool provides a pleasant and healthy indoor climate, while also acting as a sound absorber and heat insulator. It also offers a great degree of elasticity and dimensional stability, and the fact that it binds fine dust is particularly pleasing to allergy sufferers. Rugs made of cork wool are reminiscent of silk rugs in terms of shine and softness. However, the term cork wool refers to the soft under the hair of a sheep and therefore stands for the finest wool fibers of the highest quality. They allow knotting in very high density. The high-fat content of the fibers makes them wonderfully soft and shimmering, at the same time it provides a natural impregnation against stains, liquids, and all kinds of dirt.

Especially in today's world, rugs made of wool are also an expression of responsibility towards the environment and sustainability. Because wool is a renewable resource, it is recyclable and completely biodegradable.

A colorful variety of colors, patterns, and shapes

The color palette of wool rugs ranges from plain sand, stone gray, brown, and beige to autumnal hues and delicate pastels. Whether monochrome, brightly colored, or a varied mix of patterns, wool rugs offer a great variety and the right rug for every taste. Thus, the traditional patterns of beautiful oriental rugs fascinate to this day as well as modern stripes, lines, and geometric patterns.

Due to a wide range of shapes, wool rugs fit ideally into the conditions of a wide variety of premises. Classically angular wool rugs are available in many different sizes, runners and round variants set visual accents. Different manufacturing processes also enrich the range of wool rugs. Thus, flat-woven wool rugs such as kilims and hand-woven rugs convince with double-sided usability and long durability, while short pile Gabbeh and Nepal rugs inspire by traditional patterns, shapes, and colors. High-pile rugs provide a high level of comfort, while felt ball rugs also prove to be real eye-catchers due to their charming appearance.

How to keep your wool rug beautiful for a long time

Wool rugs can be kept beautiful for a long time with little effort. The weekly care program includes vacuuming off dust and dirt. The fact that wool rugs initially form fluff is a completely normal process and merely a temporary phenomenon. Stains and dirt can be removed with warm water and lint-free wool cloth. Please dab only to avoid rubbing into deeper layers. Even stains that have dried on wool rugs can be easily scraped off with a knife. Liquids usually bead up and can be easily soaked up with a kitchen towel. Should a more intensive or complete cleaning become necessary, it is recommended to hire a professional rug cleaning company to do it. Regular turning helps against too one-sided stress.

A wool rug underlines your personal interior style

Plain wool rugs look extremely stylish and set elegant accents. In the living room, they are a real eye-catcher in front of the couch or lying open in the room and provide warmth and comfort. The dining area and the bedroom also benefit from these advantages. The children's room is particularly suitable for woven or short-pile wool rugs. In addition to the fact that it warms wonderfully when playing on the floor, it creates a cozy feel-good atmosphere.

If you like it more colorful, choose intense colors that have an invigorating effect and set fresh accents even in dark rooms. They look particularly good in the kitchen and in the entrance area. Whether natural, purist, fancy, romantic, or playful - a wool rug brings personality to any living concept and emphasizes the individuality of its inhabitants.

If you are looking for a beautiful home accessory for your home, you have come to the right place. Because our wool rugs combine timeless beauty and elegance with naturalness, functionality, sustainability, and the highest quality. Our assortment offers you a wide range of styles and designs. Different manufacturing processes and a wide variety of shapes round off our extensive range of wool rugs. For all questions regarding wool rugs, we are always a competent contact and look forward to accompanying you in your decision.

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