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approx. 1102500, rarely finely crafted

approx. 160000, finely crafted

approx. 202500 - 250000, finely crafted

approx. 202500, finely crafted

approx. 250000 - 360000, finely crafted

approx. 250000, finely crafted

approx. 360000, finely crafted

approx. 422500, very finely crafted

approx. 490000, very finely crafted

approx. 640000, very finely crafted

approx. 722500, very finely crafted

approx. 890000 - 1000000, rarely finely crafted

approx. 902500, very finely crafted

2799 Rugs
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Nain Rugs: Experience the Artistic Heritage of Central Iran

Few other hand-knotted rugs are as prized as the Nain. Nain rugs are among the finest handicrafts in Iran. It is located on the border of one of the largest deserts in Iran, the Dasht-e-Kavir. Hardly anyone has not seen a Nain rug at least in pictures.

Elegant and high quality

Those who want to enrich the living area with a visual highlight will be interested in Nain rugs. These finely woven Persian rugs are waiting for you with creative color choices and varied patterns. Here in the store, you will find a wide selection of these rugs from leading brand manufacturers. All models are waiting for you with high-quality materials and workmanship so that they are easy to clean, robust, and durable in everyday life. Their decorative design will enhance any room and create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Below you will get more information about the features and benefits of Nain rugs.

The characteristics of genuine Nain rugs

Nain rugs are considered very noble Persian rugs and are characterized by the finest quality. Their pile is moderately high. Always they are designated only with complete quality classification. Thus, a Nain 12la differs significantly in quality from that of a Nain 4la. "La" translated from Persian means layer, the number presented indicates the exact number of threads that form a common warp. The smaller this number, the thinner and finer the warp thread and the more precious and valuable the Nain rug. The number of threads can be checked by the fringes, so three pairs of threads indicate a 6la rug.

The Nain rug value depends on the quality classification - the number of knots per square meter varies accordingly. While a Nain 12la has around 200,000 knots, a Nain 6la already has a number of 500,000 to 900,000 knots. Again, the Nain 4la with a knotting density of more than 1,000,000 knots is the noblest and most valuable variety. Since such valuable Nain rugs are hardly ever knotted nowadays, they are now very rare and therefore real collector's items. The value of a Nain rug made of pure silk increases accordingly.

Nain rugs are among the finest rug models in the world. They are knotted in proven handwork and have a particularly high thread density. This ensures a durable surface with a pleasant feel. The rugs from our assortment convince with excellent walking comfort. Nain rugs are available as short and long pile rugs, depending on whether you prefer a soft or easy-care surface. Persian rugs are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes. But we also carry compact runners and bridges, with which you can decorate hallways and staircases. The special feature of Nain rugs is the artfully incorporated silk and its detailed pattern. Here are the main advantages of this rug model at a glance:

  • elaborate and dense weave
  • creative color combinations and patterns
  • artfully incorporated silk
  • available in many different sizes, formats, and variations

About the processing of noble Nain rugs

Traditionally manufactured Nain rugs are hand-knotted and are created in vertical frames, into which the vertical warp threads and the horizontal weft threads are inserted. Depending on the desired quality, these are made of cotton yarn or silk. The knots are then placed - according to the pattern - around the warp and weft. The production of such traditional Nain rugs requires wool yarn of the highest quality. Silk inclusions provide a particularly beautiful sheen. The production of these high-quality rugs is considered extremely laborious. It is not uncommon for months, if not years, to pass before completion.

Genuine Nain rugs are characterized by a particularly beautiful luster. This is the result of a special dyeing of the yarn. Only natural dyes obtained from plant, mineral, and insect pigments are used for coloring. For example, the blue typical of Nain rugs comes from the indigo plant. The colors are mixed according to traditional recipes.

The noble Nain Persian rugs come from the factories of the Persian oasis city of Nain. Traditionally, they tend to be in subtle shades of white, beige, and blue. A medallion is usually incorporated in the center, surrounded by floral patterns and arabesques. rugs without medallions are characterized by imaginative floral, tendril, and floral drawings.

The weavers of the Persian Nain rugs

The Nain rugs exist in different variants depending on the place of manufacture. The models from the original Habibian manufactory are considered to be the originals. Similarly fine and high quality are the models from the neighboring workshops Kashmar and Tabs. Here is an overview of the variants of Nain rugs:

The right care for your Nain rug

To preserve the beauty of your Nain rug in the long run, a manageable amount of care is necessary. Periodically, it should be vacuumed in the direction of the pile to remove dust and dirt. The same goes for the back. However, daily vacuuming is not necessary. To protect the pile, the vacuum cleaner should not be set to the highest level.

Liquids and small stains can be easily removed with the help of lint-free wool cloth and warm water. Here you should be careful to dab only to avoid rubbing in deeper layers. By the way, the fact that a Nain rug fades over time is a completely normal process. Sometimes the natural wear and tear make your rug look even more beautiful. Turning it regularly will keep it from becoming too one-sided. If your Nain rug needs a more intensive or complete cleaning, it is recommended to hire a specialized rug cleaning service.

If you want to treat yourself to a noble Persian rug for your living area, you should go for the high-quality and stylish Nain models. They are available here in the store in a large selection, so you will quickly find a copy that perfectly fits your interior style. Benefit from top quality, attractive prices, and fast delivery.

Where Nain rugs are used?

As a rule, Nain's rugs are not particularly large. Mostly they have an elongated shape and are therefore very popular as bridges and runners. However, the trade also offers round Nain rugs and those with a footprint of several square meters, such as the Nain rug with 200x300 centimeters.

In general, Nain rugs with their beautiful colors and noble patterns can be integrated into any living concept, for example, Nain rug blue or Nain rug silk blue is particularly popular. Depending on your preference, they can radiate stylish elegance with subtle colors or set accents with bold colors. Especially in living and sleeping areas, Nain rugs come to good effect. Here they promise a great deal of comfort due to their high knot density.

A hand-knotted Persian Nain rug is a handicraft at the highest level. The noble Persian rug combines the finest knotting with outstanding material quality and is therefore probably one of the most beautiful rugs in the world. Our assortment offers you a large selection of unique pieces in various qualities, shapes, sizes, and colors. With the purchase of a genuine Nain rug, you decide consciously for tradition, quality, and stylish elegance. We will be happy to advise you on the way to your individual Nain rug.

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