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Bamboo Silk Rugs: Sustainable Elegance for Eco-friendly Interiors

Bamboo is ideal for the production of robust rugs. It is particularly durable, flexible, biodegradable, and suitable for allergy sufferers. Find your bamboo rug conveniently online now.

The bamboo rug "Marigold" is a beautiful and durable floor covering that is perfect for any home. This rug is made of 100% natural bamboo, one of the strongest and most sustainable materials on the planet. The bamboo rug is also made with a unique weaving process that makes it extremely durable and long-lasting. In addition, this bamboo rug is resistant to mold, mildew, and stains, making it very easy to care for. And since it is made from natural materials, the Marigold bamboo rug is also environmentally friendly. So if you are looking for beautiful, durable, and eco-friendly flooring, the Marigold bamboo rug is the perfect choice for you.

Bamboo rug advantages

With its natural look, a bamboo rug adds an appealing ambiance to any room. Usually, a bamboo rug is made of unbleached natural-colored bamboo slats that are bordered by a border of fabric. To make these slats, the stalks of the bamboo plant are the first split and then smoothed. In most cases, a coating of latex provides the necessary grip. Then, with the exception of the border, the rug has no other textile parts. An alternative for connecting the lamellae is fabric threads.

A bamboo rug combines many advantages. It is robust and yet very cozy. It is extremely easy to care for, can be cleaned easily, and is therefore considered absolutely hygienic - ideal for allergy sufferers. In addition, it has heat-insulating properties and convinces - if its back is coated - with slip resistance.

Bamboo Rug Origin

Bamboo rugs have a long history, dating back to the Tang Dynasty in China. These early rugs were made from thin strips of bamboo interwoven with silk or wool. They were used as floor coverings and wall hangings and were often beautifully decorated with intricate patterns. Bamboo rugs eventually made their way to Japan, where they became known as tatami mats. Today, bamboo rugs remain popular in Asia and are gaining popularity in the West as well. Thanks to their beauty, durability, and environmental friendliness, bamboo rugs are a fantastic flooring option for any home.

How bamboo rugs are made?

A bamboo rug is made using a process similar to how traditional wool rugs are made. First, the bamboo is cut into thin strips and then soaked in water. This makes the bamboo strips pliable and easier to work with. Next, the bamboo strips are dyed in a wide range of colors. Once the desired color is achieved, the strips are dried in the sun or in a kiln. After drying, the strips are woven into a rug backing on a special loom. The final step is to apply a clear coating to protect the bamboo fibers and give them luster. This clear coating also helps prevent stains and fading. Thanks to this process, bamboo rugs are not only beautiful but also durable and easy to maintain.

Appearance, color variations & shape.

Solid bamboo rugs are reminiscent of wood in their appearance. Depending on your taste, the slats are available in different widths. Slight variations in color shade can be explained by the structure of the grown bamboo and are completely normal. The rugs are clear glazed or stained to protect them from moisture, accordingly, their coloration varies from natural to dark brown. rugs made of bamboo are also available in modern colors such as white, gray, taupe, pink, or red. Then all the slats can be designed either in only one color or in a varied and motley mix. Complemented by the matching border, they stylishly bring color and brightness to any home. Mostly, the rugs are produced in rectangular form, with sizes ranging from doormats to dimensions of 180 x 270 centimeters. In addition, there are special sizes, square, round and unpainted rugs.

How to Care?

Natural, robust, and easy to clean - the best conditions for a floor covering. Neither dust nor moths can get caught in a bamboo rug, loose dirt is quickly removed with a vacuum cleaner. With a normal degree of soiling, vacuuming once a week is sufficient; alternatively, a soft broom can also perform this task. During vacuuming, it is important to ensure that the suction power is not set too high. Under no circumstances should the rug be pulled or even dragged along while vacuuming. Stains, greasy dirt, and liquids can be easily removed with a damp cloth or by wiping, thanks to the coating. Always wipe in the longitudinal direction of the slats. If dirt residues accumulate in the gaps that cannot be removed by either vacuuming or wiping, steam blasting proves to be extremely effective. Special care and cleaning products are therefore not required by the natural floor covering. What bamboo rugs do not tolerate well, however, are the casters of desk chairs. Their permanent pressure would damage the natural bamboo fibers.

Natural flooring also for wet rooms

One of the biggest advantages of a bamboo rug is its insensitivity to wetness and humidity - provided that the slats can dry again. That is why, according to experience, they like to lay them in the bathroom in front of the sink, bathtub, or toilet. Thus, they naturally beautify the room and their owners do not have to stand on cold tiles. The same applies to the hallway - for example, as a runner - and the kitchen, where bamboo rugs are very popular in front of the stove or sink. The flexible floor covering finds a place under every dining and coffee table, in the bedroom it provides a cozy ambiance next to the bed. Bamboo rugs convince even in the outdoor area. Whether on the balcony, in the garden, as a pool border, or as a temporary path, thanks to its resistance to water, the natural all-rounder can be used anywhere. When using it as an outdoor rug, however, make sure that both the slats and the border are painted. Completely untreated rugs are not suitable for outdoor use.

With its natural appearance, the bamboo rug unobtrusively blends in with its surroundings. In gray it provides stylish elegance, in white or delicate pink it beautifies rooms in a vintage style or shabby look. Red and black slats, on the other hand, add the finishing touch to an Asian-style interior. And if you like it colorful, it is best to choose a motley variant.

A rug made of bamboo is elegant and at the same time timeless beauty. Thanks to its naturalness, it creates a homely ambiance and can be combined with any interior style. Its insensitivity to moisture and humidity makes it the ideal flooring for bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies. In the search for your rug, our team will be happy to answer all your questions and assist you in the selection with professional competence and customer friendliness at any time.

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