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Bed Runners

Now your bed gets the right frame

Your interior design also reflects your personality. Your home is your retreat from everyday life and after a stressful day at work. Your bedroom occupies a special place for relaxation. It is a place of well-being that belongs to you alone. Of course, you can also design the room according to your wishes.

Do you like it cozy, romantic or can you come to rest better with clear lines?

Table of contents

  • Consciously set accents with a bed surround
  • Bed surrounds bring warmth and tranquility to your bedroom
  • Playing with colors and combinations
  • What to look for when buying bed surrounds for your bedroom?
  • The quality of the material
  • Conclusion

Deliberately set accents with a bed surround

The heart and centerpiece of the bedroom is your bed. Bed surrounds for the bedroom classically consist of three elements. But who says you can't have a Persian rug in front of your bed? It brings color and variety and you can combine it perfectly with rugs on the sides of your bed.

If you prefer it simple and stylish, you might choose high pile flokati bed surrounds. Or you can opt for soft animal skins.

Bed surrounds bring warmth and tranquility to your bedroom

Regardless of whether you want to buy a long pile, high pile, or short pile rug, the important thing is the good feeling when you get out of bed in the morning and have a velvety soft feeling under your feet.

A bed surround muffles the sounds and also muffles your footsteps. Nothing is worse than noises keeping you awake. Imagine your partner gets up at night or comes into the bedroom later than you and you hear every step. A rug or bed surrounds the bedroom absorbs the sound and you continue to sleep undisturbed. You create a quiet zone not only visually, but also acoustically.

You can visually separate your "sleeping island" from the dressing area with wardrobes, mirrors, and chests of drawers using rugs, rugs, and runners.

Playing with colors and combinations

Let yourself be inspired by the different styles and combine the colors and shapes of your rug with the colors of your bed linen and other home textiles according to your taste.

Playful rose patterns on blankets and cushions can also be found on the bed surround. Or is an industrial style more your thing? Graphic patterns and geometric shapes can be found on Gabbeh rugs, for example. Do you prefer the Scandinavian style? Then you have a wide choice of rugs and bed surrounds made of natural materials in subtle natural shades or bright, fresh colors - just as you like.

Combine your home textiles with each other. Bring bedspreads and cushions into harmony with your bedroom bed surrounds.

Give your bedroom the charm and flair in which you feel comfortable at all times. Decorations and accessories should give your bedroom the atmosphere of an oasis of calm and can underline your personality at the same time.

What you should look for when buying bed surrounds for the bedroom?

 First of all, the right size is important when choosing a bed surround for the bedroom. The rug next to your bed should be flush with the bed frame. Then you will land directly on the warm, soft rug when you get up.

Basically, it's best to make sure that the runners have some space between them and the other furniture. This shows them off to their best advantage.

Loose bed surrounds are especially suitable for allergy sufferers. They are usually washable and therefore more hygienic. House dust is bound by the pile of the rugs and can be vacuumed regularly. A high pile is naturally softer and cozier. The short pile, on the other hand, does not attract as much dust and can also be wiped off quickly once in a while.

The runners and rugs are usually available in sets. So, you have a runner for the foot of your single bed or your double bed and two rugs for the two sides.

The material composition

In the living area, you love the natural products of a genuine Persian rug or the variety of colors of oriental rugs. You can continue this with runners around your bed in the bedroom.

Alternatives are rugs made of cotton. They are usually thinner than the high-pile oriental rugs and therefore absorb moisture very well, but also dry again quickly. Cotton is mostly skin-friendly and keeps its shape. Sisal, on the other hand, can scratch the feet. The natural fiber from the agave plant is extremely hard-wearing.

How about a silk rug? This cuddly material is made from one of the strongest natural fibers. Gentle and soft, it caresses your skin, making such a silk rug an ideal companion as a runner or rug next to your bed.

Runners and bedspreads made of pure new wool are dust and dirt repellent and therefore also perfect for a bedroom. What's more, pure new wool is very elastic and the pile quickly straightens out at pressure points.

Last but not least - the rug and rug are made of synthetic material. It has an advantage in terms of price and is also extremely easy to clean. You can choose from an infinite combination of colors and different sizes and shapes.


FazMake your bed into sleeping and resting oasis and frame it with runners, rugs, or rugs according to your individual taste.

A three-piece set, which you layout around your bed, helps you to create exactly the right frame with the right dimensions.

To have a relaxing effect, you have to like it yourself. In this private, intimate area, you can and should express your own look with the entire interior. With this in mind, you will look forward to your retreat and quickly regain your tranquility.

If you feel like it, you can hole up here and simply shut out the world.

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