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Bukhara Rugs: Indulge in the Rich Tradition of Uzbek Craftsmanship

Bukhara rugs are oriental rugs with a special flair.

An oriental rug is always something special. A rug from Bukhara stands out even more. The original rug is dominated by the red colour. Mostly, the timeless design shows fine geometric motifs.

The Bukhara rugs available today are very soft and somewhat lighter in design than the antique rugs. The value depends on its size and primarily on the number of knots.

The home of the Bukhara rug

The rug was named after the city of Bukhara. But it is now proven that rugs from Bukhara, the oasis city on the famous Silk Road, were not woven there. The city in Uzbekistan was a central trading place where many rugs were offered and sold all over the world.

Rugs from Bukhara were knotted in different regions before being offered in the market, the bazaar, and in the trading houses. The rug was knotted by different Turkmen tribes. Therefore, it can come from Turkey, Afghanistan, or Persia. Today, you can get a genuine Bukhara rug mostly from Russia.

Each region has developed its designs and given the Bukhara rug its pattern. The rug is woven from cotton and its dense weave makes it very high quality and at the same time resistant to harmful environmental influences.

The different patterns of the Bukhara rug

The generic term for Bukhara rugs is "Turkmen rug". A row pattern with "Göl motifs" is typical. Small medallions are characteristic of Bukhara, which was knotted in Pakistan. They are usually additionally bordered by fine borders. Patterns and colours have hardly changed over the years. The rugs are still hand-knotted and follow traditional specifications. Fine multicoloured silk threads are woven into the rug, or grey silk threads, which lend a special shimmer, are characteristic of Bukhara rugs. However, genuine Bukhara rugs, the "Bochara-Susani rugs, which are embroidered, also come from Central Asia.

An oriental rug is a treasure for your home

Our everyday language often equates to Bukhara or Persian rugs or oriental rugs. However, the detailed appearance of the individual rugs and their regions of origin differ greatly from one another.

But they all have one thing in common. Their patterns tell the language of their region and all genuine oriental rugs are hand-knotted.

Nowhere else in the world is there such a density of handicraft tradition going back to antiquity as in rug making in the Middle East.

Even if you don't have the space to lay out a large rug in your home, you can place such a treasure in small format as a runner on a cupboard or chest of drawers or as a small bridge to spoil your cosy corner.


In conclusion, a rug from the Orient, Central Asia, or Africa enhances your home extraordinarily.

Enjoy the warm, soft feeling that the fine cotton gives you, and take pleasure in the fantastic colours and designs every day anew.

To ensure that dirt has no chance of settling, you should vacuum your rug at least twice a week in the direction of the pile. To make the threads straighten up again, you should then vacuum against the grain once. However, avoid trying to clean your rug with a better vacuum cleaner. This can break the fibres in the long run.

The beautiful Bukhara rug is listed in our shop as "Afghan rug - Bukhara".

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