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Special shape

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The highest quality work in trendy and traditional designs

If you are interested in the art of effective interior design, you can't avoid rugs in general and especially a China rug blue or any other Chinese rug. The latter variant is a very special rug, which enhances your home in an equally appropriate way. The China rugs are traditionally elaborate and knotted by means of real handwork.

You can see this quality directly on this rug, no matter if you are interested in a vintage China rug or a trendy rug model. Quality never loses fashion, the same applies to the detailed and tasteful patterns that adorn Chinese rugs.

You benefit not only from quality workmanship that is second to none but also from special and timeless designs that stand for a sophisticated and stylish taste. Depending on your taste affinity, you can choose a beautiful rug model of your choice. For example, how about a pink China rug oval, which in no time will occupy your premises with fascinating and stylish magic that will delight everyone?

China rugs for effective eye-catcher - designs and patterns.

Even though many of the specimens originate from China, they are sometimes influenced by the Persian style. Both modern and traditional patterns are available. Feel free to opt for delicate floral patterns or other playful or elegant ornaments like leaves or fine lines. If you have a soft spot for traditional and symbolic motifs, maybe the dragon is a great motif for you.

In any case, such a Chinese rug directly attracts every eye, because quality and design clearly stand out from the conventional rugs. Of course, this will also attract attention when you have visitors because so much style and originality already represent something special. It does not matter whether these rugs are exquisite silk rugs or antique unique pieces. In any case, your new runner will amaze your visitors and you yourself, of course.

How are Chinese rugs used?

You can use Chinese rugs in any room, it just depends on which of your rooms you want to emphasize. Therefore, such a rug model will look just as good in the living room as in your study, dressing room, or the like. Your rug will really come into its own if you choose a fundamentally simple or straightforward style so that the effect of the respective rug pattern can fully unfold visually.

If you want to define and implement the traditional style in a modern way, you can also rely on white or wooden furniture and use color in the apartment rather sparingly. Then your new rug model will offer not only an eye-catcher but an extremely successful wow effect.


Chinese rugs have a very long tradition and are hand-knotted and made with great attention to detail. In this way, real originals are created. After all, there are already enough standardized apartments with standardized styles. So live out your individuality with regard to your living room design and treat yourself to a real highlight, from which you can benefit for many generations. The motifs usually represent delicate flowers or leaves and dragons are also very popular. So that the respective patterns also optimally come into their own, they are surrounded by a single-color border.

The material used for the rugs is usually the highest quality virgin wool.In addition, many of these rug models are knotted according to the Persian model, whereby their knot density and fineness per square meter then exceed the other rugs. The high knot density of quality rugs offers unique quality that you see and feel under your feet, especially since this method of production is very time-consuming. The sizes differ, starting with an 80 x 130 model up to the 270 x 200 size unit, everything is there. Treat yourself with pleasure to that certain extra in your living and therefore your living space.

The beautiful variants of China rugs are listed in our store under the following categories: classic China as "China rug", China silk as "silk rug - China silk" and Beijing as "China rug - Beijing".

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