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Embrace the lightweight and versatile charm of cotton rugs, perfect for a casual and airy feel.

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Cotton Rugs: Enjoy the Softness and Sustainability of Cotton

A cotton rug is a stylish and cozy addition to any room, providing both comforts underfoot and an extra layer of flair and interest to your decor. Cotton rugs are available in a diverse selection of colors, styles, sizes, and patterns to complete the look of your room. With an extensive selection of affordable and high-quality cotton rugs, you're sure to find the perfect floor covering for your home.

The cotton rug: eco-friendly all-rounder

Cotton has been used to make beautiful rugs for centuries. Cotton is a natural and renewable raw material, an absolutely convincing advantage in times of increasing environmental awareness and sustainability. Hand-woven rugs made of 100 percent pure cotton have a particularly soft surface, are stable, breathable and easy to clean. They do not attract dust or mites and are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, in the case of woven rugs, the upper and lower sides are identical and therefore it is possible to use them from both sides.

A rug made of cotton is characterized by its natural look, which knows how to adapt to any desired style of interior. In addition to a great degree of comfort, cotton rugs convince with a huge selection of the most diverse shapes, colors, patterns, textures and sizes.

Cotton rugs offer a wide range of sizes, colors and designs

The selection of sizes for cotton rug ranges from small rugs to runners in a wide variety of lengths and widths to rugs with 200 x 300 centimeters. The Handelt offers round, oval, square and rectangular shapes in various thicknesses - optionally with straight edges or decorative fringes. Since cotton rugs can be easily dyed, there are virtually no limits to the choice of colors. Whether white, gray or black, whether bright red, pastel or motley, whether geometric shapes, fur patterns or retro design - cotton rugs are unbeatable in their diversity. One of the peculiarities of cotton rugs is also that they can be adapted to different styles of rugs. With beautiful ornaments and bold colors they remind of oriental Persian rugs, with folkloric patterns, warm colors, pompons and fringes of ethnic style rugs and with subtle colors and patterns of Scandinavian style rugs.

Caring for a cotton rug is as simple as can be

Caring for a cotton rug is not difficult; if they are the right size, they can even be washed in the washing machine - always following the manufacturer's instructions. The regular care program includes the removal of coarse dirt with a vacuum cleaner, by shaking out or beating. Liquids should be absorbed as quickly as possible with a dry and absorbent cloth. More stubborn stains can be removed with a special stain powder or cleaning foam. Please test the rug for colorfastness on an insensitive spot beforehand. The fact that a woven cotton rug can be used from both sides simply makes unsightly stains disappear and protects against one-sided wear.

Cotton rugs also do not require much maintenance because they are very elastic and stable. Even pressure marks from furniture can not harm them and disappear by themselves after a short time. Cotton rugs do not like to be exposed to moisture for a long time, so when wiping them, make sure that they do not get wet - this is especially true for fringes. If the rug already shows coarse soiling, it is recommended to have it cleaned by a professional for large sizes.

The right rug for every room

In the living room, an easy-care cotton rug fits perfectly under any coffee table. In the middle of the room, it attracts attention and gives it structure. Due to its insensitivity, it can be laid out under any dining and kitchen table. Its variety of colors makes it the ideal rug for a child's room. Here it provides a wonderfully soft surface to play on and is even forgiving of chocolate stains. A monochrome rug in the bedroom promises peace and softness. In the entrance area and hallway, it welcomes visitors and convinces as a runner with lengths of up to three meters, color variety and insensitivity. Even in the bathroom fits a cotton rug! In addition, it provides good impact sound insulation on parquet, laminate and stone floors in light-hearted apartments.

A cotton rug completes any interior style

Due to its range of shapes, colors and patterns, a cotton rug can be integrated into any interior style. A reduced and modern interior looks particularly noble with a cotton rug in stylish gray, a colorful rug with fringes, on the other hand, skillfully sets the scene for a country house style living concept. With colorful stripes and patterns, they offer colorful contrasts to a reduced furniture, in the black and white pattern mix, it looks wonderfully puristic.

We have cotton rugs in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles. They range from runners to large rugs - from plain rugs to oriental patterned kilims - from restrained pastel tones to bright purple. With our inexpensive cotton rugs, we offer you a lot of freedom in the design of your home, we are happy to help you with quality and expertise in finding your favorite piece.

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