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Cushions: Add Comfort and Color to Your Home Decor

The charm of oriental cushions

Strong, warm tones with characteristic patterns - that's all it takes to fill a room with a touch of the Orient. The sofas, armchairs, and benches are accentuated skillfully with oriental cushions, and they are placed around a low table. The result is that they create a cosy atmosphere of floor cushions. This arrangement looks especially stylish on high-quality Persian rugs.

Orient designs feature different colours, and they come in a wide range of styles. You can get small or large sizes, floor cushions, pouffes, or complete sitting areas. The cushions set colourful accents and compliment Oriental styles of furnishing. With the large selection of fabrics and materials, these cushions are able to create a magical atmosphere. This way, you will get a cosy break from the hassle of everyday life.

Oriental cushions are as colourful as the Orient

Oriental cushions are designed to be colourful and opulent. Strong and bright colours are mostly used for these cushions. They range from strong yellow with gold inlays to orange and red to variants of turquoise and dark blue. The beautiful cushions are also available in gaudy pink and bright apple green. Lush, shiny fabrics such as silk, brocade and organza and intricate embellishments of shiny metal add elegance to your space. Others come in beige, ochre, terracotta, mustard yellow and brown colours. On the other hand, woven cushions made of cotton and linen look very natural.

Oriental cushions also come in a variety of designs. If you like colourful designs, you can go for cashmere cushions, and if you want to impress guests, you can choose knitted designs made of wool. Those made with Rajasthan delight with shimmering fabrics, wonderful patchwork patterns, and filigree decorative elements. Ikat patterns are woven and focus on restrained colours and geometric pattern diversity, while paisley patterns have a particularly homely and decorative effect with their curved shapes. Single-coloured oriental cushions set visual highlights or are discreetly restrained in natural colours.

Oriental cushions combine a variety of colours and shapes

The variety of colours, patterns and styles is complemented by a large selection of shapes. Here, the trade offers classic cushion covers or filled cushions in sizes 18 x 18 cm, 40 x 60 cm, or 50 x 50 cm. Pouffes are designed in cube and cylinder shapes. Yoga cushions and floor cushions come in various sizes and shapes and can fit in different types of spaces. With comfortable padding and an elevated sitting position, the cushions prove to be comfortable seating. A combination of floor and decorative cushions can be used to create a complete oriental seating group that offers enough space for several people. In beautiful colours, with splendid embroidery and elaborate decorations, you will get a living experience that is both comfortable and visually appealing.

What makes an oriental furnishing style?

Oriental furnishings are characterised by dark furniture with intricate carvings, often featuring beautiful grids and net patterns. Filigree furniture made of wrought iron can also be perfectly integrated into a harmonious overall concept. Tiles, mosaics, ceramics and a fine oriental rug provide a great deal of cosiness.

Those who celebrate an oriental style of furnishing do not skimp on colours and noble decorations. A richly decorated or embroidered canopy skillfully underlines an oriental atmosphere, finely crafted hanging, wall and floor lamps made of coloured glass or metal create magnificent patterns on the walls and envelop the room in a mysterious light. They feature high-quality fabrics, the finest materials, and a wide variety of vessels made of copper, silver and brass set stylish accents. There are no limits to the choice of colours; wild mixing is even encouraged here. This is easy to achieve with colourful oriental cushions.

Oriental cushions enrich every living space

Oriental cushions are currently all the rage, and this is for good reason. With their bright colours, they offer a welcome change in clean, modern and spartan furnishing styles. The advantages of cushions are that they can be changed quickly and offer new colours and patterns. They complement a boho style interior just as much as a vintage style.

Oriental cushions also enrich your home with bright colours and cosiness. They set colourful accents, provide cosiness and are also very comfortable. Due to their diversity, they can suit every taste. Together with a stylish oriental rug, they enhance every home. Our team will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions about the product that suits your personal interior style.

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  • The charm of oriental cushions
  • Oriental cushions are as colourful as the Orient
  • Oriental cushions combine a variety of colours and shapes
  • What makes an oriental furnishing style?
  • Oriental cushions enrich every living space
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