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Felt Ball Rugs: Experience Fun Textures and Colorful Designs

The look of a felt ball rug is unique

Felt ball rugs have their origin in India and Nepal. They are made by artisans. The beautiful rugs consist of thousands of small felt balls with a diameter of around two centimeters. Every single felt ball is made from virgin wool in traditional handwork. After the wool has been dyed, small balls are formed. These are felted by kneading, pressing, and rubbing in such a way that the wool fibers become wedged and cannot be separated from each other. With wet felting, they are rolled several times over a soaped surface, rinsed, and dried in the sun. If enough felt balls have been created in this way, they are put together to form a rug. On average, 1,500 to 2,000 spheres make up one square meter. The final assembly takes place as part of a time-consuming sewing process with tear-resistant thread, which requires a high degree of detailed work. The result is an artfully crafted rug of unique beauty and softness made from natural materials - each one of them is unique.

The characteristics of beautiful rugs made from felt balls

A traditionally made felt ball rug is a real one-of-a-kind piece. Made from pure new wool, it combines all the advantages of an ecologically and sustainably produced natural product. In addition to its incomparable appearance, it is characterized by its special softness and heat-insulating properties. Thanks to the natural wool grease lanolin, it is considered water-repellent, dirt-repellent, antibacterial, and antistatic. The production of individual balls requires an almost unlimited selection of colors, shapes, and sizes. High quality, dimensional stability, and long durability round off the many advantages of the natural eye-catcher.

A "colorful" variety of colors, shapes, and sizes

The basis of a felt ball rug is formed by small felt balls that can be colored in all imaginable colors. In this respect, there are no limits to the color of this type of rug. They are available in monochrome and multicolor, in some cases the color selection and the sequence of balls can even be made entirely according to individual preferences. While single-colored felt ball rugs in natural tones such as white, beige, brown, green, and gray look particularly stylish, elegant, and clear, colorful felt ball rugs fill every room with friendliness, freshness, and a good mood.

The trade offers round, square, and rectangular rugs in various sizes. Round felt ball rugs are available up to a diameter of two meters, rectangular shapes range from 30 by 60-centimeter rugs to 160 by 230-centimeter rugs. The design of the rug also allows corresponding special sizes.

About the correct care of your felt ball rug

Wool naturally keeps dirt and liquids out thanks to the lanolin it contains. Felt ball rugs are extremely easy to care for and easy to clean. Coarse soiling can be easily removed by shaking out, knocking out, and vacuuming on a low level. Light stains can be gently dabbed away with a little soap and a cleaning cloth. Liquids should be dabbed off from the outside inwards with an absorbent kitchen towel to prevent the dirt from penetrating deeper into the felt balls through rubbing. If the discoloration remains, it may only be dry-cleaned with a special agent for wool rugs. In the case of coarser soiling, the fact that a felt ball rug can be used from both sides is an advantage. However, if the dirt is too strong, it is advisable to have it cleaned by a professional. It cleans the rug gently and deeply, protects it with lanolin, and makes its colors appear fresh and radiant again.

A unique piece made of felt balls enriches every living concept

A rug made of felt balls cannot be surpassed in terms of coziness and can be integrated into any furnishing style. In the living room and bedroom, it ensures a high degree of comfort, in the children's room, it impresses with its warmth and softness. Walking barefoot on felt ball rugs - is a wonderful pleasure! It also gives hallways, dining rooms, and offices a special atmosphere and a homely ambiance, but it should not be laid out directly under a dining table. Not even in damp rooms, because they do not tolerate permanent moisture.

A rug made of felt balls looks very natural and rustic on the one hand due to its rough structure, on the other hand, it shows a very modern face with stylish colors and classic shapes. It can be integrated just as well into a country house style facility as it is into a modern living concept with glossy furniture surfaces and reduced chic. We offer our customers hand-woven and hand-knotted felt ball rugs made of thick felted wool. Our range of rugs ranges from colorful to stylish natural and earth tones. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our diverse range of rugs and support you on the way to your very own favorite piece.

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