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You choose rugs in the living room according to the style of the room. For example, in the classic style, the oriental rug harmonizes with a noble leather sofa in dark brown and bookcases made of dark solid wood. The modern designed living room will tolerate a large rectangular cotton rug in bright colors, while the country style will be enhanced by a round rug made of wool.

An overview of rug variants

Rugs in the living room differ in their material, shape, and size. These are the common materials:

  • Cotton: the material is durable and suitable for the most heavily used area.
  • Polyester and microfiber: these materials repel dirt and are easy to clean.
  • Wool: Especially virgin wool rugs are very skin-friendly and heat-insulating, which creates a foot-warm living atmosphere.
  • Sisal: This popular natural material is robust and resistant to traction. It even repels moisture.    

Quick tips on materials: pile height tell you how long the rug fibers are. rugs with pile heights of 1.5 centimeters to 5 centimeters are called high pile rugs. On the other hand, models less than 1.5 centimeters are short pile rugs.

Reasons for using living room rugs

  • More coziness with beautiful floor coverings

To feel comfortable in your living room, you need a rug that absorbs sound, improves the indoor climate, and keeps your feet warm. In addition, rugs in the living room frame the upholstered furniture and create a visual boundary. To do this, their shape must match the furniture, which can be round, oval, rectangular, or square. In terms of size, there are standard dimensions, but you can also choose desired dimensions.

  • Rugs in the living room make the room a living space

For the interior of your living room, you are looking for the right furniture, but for a perfect ambiance, you need rugs. They turn the cool room into a real feel-good space. Each rug visually divides the living room and significantly enhances the entire interior.

  • The feel-good atmosphere with rugs in the living room

What could be better than coming home after a hard day at work and putting your feet on the soft pile of rug? Immediately your world is back in order. It's rugs that turn the living room into a feel-good space - the practical rugs as well as sophisticated texturizers and room-filling floor fillers.

  • Soft raging at the heart of your home

The living room rug is a central design element in the most important room of your home. Its visual function is as significant as that of wallpaper and curtains. Thus, it is part of the framework in which your life and that of your loved ones take place. Therefore, when buying, attach great importance to the visual impact of the room and also to the feel. With us you have the choice: Find your favorite rug for the living room!

The advantages of rugs in the living room

In the living room and in all other rooms rugs offer countless benefits:

  • warm feet
  • Protection of parquet, laminate & Co.
  • Impact sound absorption
  • Decoration
  • Favorable price compared to an expensive parquet
  • Easy cleaning

How big should a rug be in the living room?

It depends on the right size: If the rug is too big, it visually reduces the room. If you choose a rug that is too small, it will quickly feel lost in your home.    

Rectangular rugs: In front of a single sofa or in an elongated room, a rectangular model or a runner or long rug will look best.    

Square rugs: A square rug harmoniously rounds off the seating area with a sofa, armchair, and coffee table. The rug can end with the upholstery or you can place the furniture on the rug for a larger model.    

Round and oval rugs: Your round dining table will look great if it is framed with a round rug. If you have a lot of space in your living room, round rugs will be eye-catching and will liven up the scenery and loosen up the room. Oval rugs that have longer sides create a dining set in a beautiful way.    

Different rug sizes: You can get rugs in sizes from 60x90 centimeters up to 300 centimeters. You have the choice between the common predefined fixed sizes or you decide according to your desired size by length and width, as they fit best for you and your home. For round rugs, the diameters range from 70 centimeters to 400 centimeters.

Living room rugs styles

You have the opportunity to emphasize your style with rugs and design the room in a way that suits your feel-good factor. With three examples you can see which living room style suits which rugs.

Classic style

Timelessness and durability characterize the classic style. A noble dark brown leather sofa will harmonize with your living room rug and warm oriental pattern. Imagine elegant floor lamps made of matte brass in interaction with your bookcase made of dark solid wood.

Modern style

In your modern living room, how about a large rectangular short pile cotton rug in bright red? It will perfectly accentuate the gray of your great XXL sofa and the bright yellow of your decorative pillows. The harmony is completed by a coffee table with glass top. Through the transparent glass, you'll enjoy an unobstructed view of the modern fluffy cotton rug.

Country style

Outside it's storming and snowing and you snuggle up in a voluminous wing chair next to a small side table. This reading nook with a cozy country look bathes a reading lamp in an island of light. Relaxed reading and sinking your feet into a round rug are the symbol of a cozy country look.    

How do I place the living room rug?

With the right positioning, you create a cozy image and choose the places where the rug will lie best according to its material and preferences.    

In the living room, the sofa and the closet usually set the tone. If you have chosen your rug so large that all the furniture should stand on the living room rug, then note that each piece of furniture stands completely on the flooring.    

The exception is the sofa, which can also stand on the rug only with the front legs. The coffee table belongs in the middle of the rug. It gives a good picture if the rug is about 20 to 30 centimeters wider on the right and left than the piece of furniture.    

In small rooms, leave space for your rug to work. Put it between the pieces of furniture and place only the coffee table on the living room rug.    

The size of the rug depends critically on the size of your living room. For smaller living rooms, which have a size of 15 to 20 square meters, the rug will loosen up if only the coffee table is positioned on it. If the room is a bit larger, the seating furniture may quietly stand with their front legs on the rug. Large rooms give you more design freedom. For example, you can arrange your entire seating group on a large living room rug of 300x400 centimeters.  

How do I take care of my rug?

With daily use, your living room rug has to endure a lot. Manufacturers provide instructions and initial recommendations for the care of the fibers. To maintain the beauty and have something from your rug for a long time, you should not neglect the cleaning and the manufacturer's instructions.    

The vacuum cleaner is your closest ally. Regular vacuuming to rid the rug of dust and dirt pays off. Different nozzles and brushes for short-pile or long-pile rugs will help you.    

If a mishap has occurred with coffee, tea or red wine, treat the stains immediately to prevent them from drying. Use a cotton cloth or a piece of kitchen paper to soak up the liquid and then dab off the remains with a damp cloth. You should not rub so as not to rub the dirt deeper into the fabric and damage the fiber.    

Heavy pieces of furniture will leave pressure marks on the rug. Put ice cubes on the spot and let them thaw there so that the fibers straighten up again. After that, brush the rug again.    

Baking soda is a miracle weapon against bad odors. It neutralizes and binds odors. Sprinkle the powder evenly and leave it overnight. In the morning, vacuum the rug and you'll have fresh air in your living room again.    


Decorative and useful at the same time, living room rugs make your living room a cozy retreat.    

Cotton rugs can withstand heavy use. Microfiber and polyester rugs are moisture-repellent and stain resistant. Wool rugs are warm, and soft and create a healthy indoor climate. Natural fibers such as sisal score in terms of robustness and tear resistance.    

A variety of shapes are available, whether rectangular, oval, square, or round. In small living rooms, it is best not to place your seating furniture on the rug at all or only half of it. Large rooms leave a lot of room for your creativity.    

An oriental rug is a perfect match for a classic interior style, while a red short pile rug will harmonize with your modern interior and a cream-colored wool rug is a suitable companion for a country style.  Buy rugs online and get them delivered within 2 days.

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