Patina Rugs

Discover the vintage charm and unique patina of our curated collection of Patina rugs.

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Patina Rugs: Embrace Timeless Beauty with a Vintage Touch

The Patina Rug

A patina rug is an old Persian rug. Persian rugs are very durable because the high-quality wool is made extremely dense and durable by knotting. Originally, they were made by nomads. The rugs were a household item passed down from generation to generation.

Besides the technique, the quality of the wool plays a vital role. The sheep bred in Iran have one of the best qualities of wool in the world. Hand-spun, the wool threads are practically indestructible.

The colours are the third quality feature that makes old Persian rugs valuable. The wool is dyed with pure vegetable dyes, walnut shells, and eucalyptus leaves. The colours are rich and bright and do not fade even after decades. Nevertheless, you can wash the rug as often as you like. This is because the colours are cooked into the wool, penetrating the fibre completely.

Art does not age

The rug has a patina - that means it has a tradition and a history.

Shapes, colours and patterns have a traditional origin. Over many years, people who knotted the rug in elaborate handwork were deeply rooted in this culture. A Patina carpet is a work of art with a history that goes back thousands of years—spun from high-quality wool, dyed with intensive plant dyes and knotted with wonderful, inspiring motifs. It is indeed a piece of jewellery and a collector's item from a time that no longer exists.

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