MORGENLAND RUGS Washing – a free offer for every buyer

There are many reasons to clean and maintain a carpet regularly. Allergy sufferers in particular know what we’re talking about. The carpet is a dust catcher. What may initially seem like a major disadvantage is, in reality, an advantage. Doctors recommend using a carpet as it traps dust. Unlike a parquet, laminate, or tiled floor, where dust flakes fly freely around the room, the dust particles are bound by the carpet fibers. It is therefore extremely practical to use a carpet, not only for allergy sufferers. However, the carpet should be thoroughly dusted off every week. While the vacuum cleaner sucks in the coarse dirt particles, the MORGENLAND carpet washing is ideal for loosening deeply embedded dirt and dust. Now, the carpet shines like new again. From a purchase value of €1000, we offer the service for free within 5 years.

The aggressiveness of dust reduces color depth

On one square meter of space, about six milligrams of dust usually accumulate. These are not only lost skin flakes and hairs from human and animal inhabitants but also clothing fibers, shoe and tire abrasion, pollen, soot, and many other substances. In this hodgepodge of inorganic and organic materials, there are also pollen, fungal spores, and bacteria. It is therefore highly recommended to vacuum the carpet at least once a week. However, dust firmly bound to the fiber can attack the material, its coloration, and color intensity over time. Regular ventilation prevents unsightly mold stains from forming, but after several years, you should take advantage of a complete wash by the MORGENLAND company. Especially absorbent materials should be given special attention, as they are predestined to attract moisture, dust, and other suspended particles like a magnet.

The service from MORGENLAND: free carpet washing for our clientele

A valuable carpet, due to its material quality, is an eye-catcher and almost indestructible with proper care. For example, the world’s oldest carpet, the Gorny-Altai carpet, which can be admired in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, is already over 2500 years old. Signs of wear and tear in vintage style give this carpet its dignity. However, the color depth has always been maintained through appropriate care. MORGENLAND also wants to extend this benefit to your valuable carpet. For this purpose, we offer a special service to our loyal clientele: free carpet washing.

In addition, we offer a special service to our loyal clientele

Free carpet washing. It is recommended to take advantage of this free offer yourself to make the valuable carpet shine in new splendor after many years of use. You will be amazed at the color depth that still resides in the good piece. As a carpet professional, the MORGENLAND company knows exactly what the carpet needs and expertly removes any dust or foreign particles from the carpet fiber. We are happy to explain all the details of our free offer in a personal conversation. Our service staff would be very pleased to explain our service to you. The carpet washing service from MORGENLAND is available free of charge to every one of our loyal customers and owners of expensive and high-quality carpet products. To repeat this once again: From a purchase value of €1000, we offer the service for free within 5 years.