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Complete your space with our stylish selection of seating furniture, perfectly complementing your rugs.

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The Pouffe

A very versatile home accessory

The pouffe is currently experiencing a true comeback. It originated in the Orient, where nomadic peoples highly valued it as a seat cushion filled with desert sand. As a classic piece of seating furniture, it is convincing in various designs and provides discreet accents in any room. Pouffes are available in all imaginable styles, colours and materials. They can be used as a storage surface, a seat, or a place to rest your feet. In addition to their high level of living comfort, pouffes are very decorative. The pouffes can be integrated into any living space and furnishing concept thanks to their variety of designs and colour nuances. Due to their modest size, they have a very restrained effect and are nevertheless stylish and elegant.

A colourful variety of materials, shapes, colours & patterns

Pouffes convince with their huge variety. Knitted and woven from virgin wool, they provide cosiness, while velvet and leather give the room a noble ambience. Surrounded by plastic, even wind and weather cannot harm them. The norm has its basis on the intended use, fillings made of high-quality polystyrene balls, foams and cotton. Single-coloured pouffes in white, grey or black look discreet and yet very elegant. Multi-coloured, patterned, colourful, matt surfaces and shiny fabrics make the most diverse furnishing ideas come true. Fancy a touch of the Orient? No problem at all, thanks to the complementary colour scheme and shiny gold tones.

Depending on the intended use, a pouffe should be the right size; heights of 50 centimetres or more are ideal as seating furniture. Smaller sizes are also suitable for storage or shelving. Otherwise, pouffes are large, small, round, square, high and low—a real all-rounder.

The right pouffe for every living space

The stylish pouffes next to the sofa and armchair in the living room prove practical seating that takes up little space. Pouffes are much more beautiful and comfortable than plain stools and adapt perfectly to the particular situation. Anyone who wants to use their pouffe as a side table or tray should ensure that the upholstery is sufficiently stable and provides a straight and even surface. A nice tray can provide stability and support. The cosy stools are also perfect for putting your feet up while watching TV in the evening. The stylish sitting furniture invites you to sit in the bedroom while getting undressed and dressed or placing clothes on it. The light and flexible seating is particularly advantageous in the children's room. They offer enough seats for friends in bright colours and can be arranged exactly as creativity demands when playing.

The home accessory with that certain something

The stylish pouffes convince not only with their comfort and beautiful designs. Whether as a seating cube, footstool or side table - a pouffe is a stylish and decorative home accessory that adds a certain touch to any interior style. In colourful natural colours, it underlines an ethnic-look interior. In pastel colours, it gives a warm and clean Scandi living style the finishing touch. On the other hand, if you like to surround yourself with high-gloss furniture and living landscapes in stylish grey, white or black, a leather pouffe in matching colours is a perfect choice. In a matching design, a pouffe can skilfully blend into its surroundings or set the scene in a room environment with a contrasting look by deliberately breaking with the style.

A wide selection of pouffes

All our pouffes come from Afghanistan, where their pile is hand-woven and hand-sewn from 100% virgin wool. Directly from the manufacturer, you can choose a stool in the shape of a cube (30 x 30 x 30 cm) or one in the shape of a cylinder. Here you have the choice between two sizes (L x W x H): 50 x 40 x 50 cm or 42 x 36 x 40 cm.

Each one of our beautiful stools is a high-quality and intricately crafted individual piece. Our seating furniture is multi-coloured and consists of shapely designs and a touch of oriental flair. We place particular emphasis on a combination of elegance and timeless design. Our high-quality processed seating furniture guarantees uncomplicated care and longevity. We are happy to help and advise you in your search for your favourite piece. Once you have found the item you want, we will deliver it directly to your home in an uncomplicated and convenient way.

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  • A very versatile home accessory
  • A colourful variety of materials, shapes, colours & patterns
  • The right pouffe for every living space
  • The home accessory with that certain something
  • A wide selection of pouffes
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