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Sheepskin Rugs: Transform Your Space with Cozy Warmth

Beautiful, Soft and Resilient

Sheepskin is treated with great care. The so-called tanning process transforms the animal skin into leather. Before the tanning process, the skins are completely cleaned of dust and excess wool grease. After washing, tanning and drying, the rug is given the final touch. The wool is evenly shortened, coiffed and contoured. The beautiful, soft fleece becomes fluffy, loose and soft with a silky sheen. During the process, the rug does not lose any more hair. The outstanding properties of sheep's wool also remain intact.

As a result, sheepskin rugs make a beautiful alternative to woven rugs. Your feet sink into the soft fibres when you walk on the wool. However, due to the wool's remarkable resilience, it straightens up again immediately after lifting your feet.

Chic and Cosy

Since the age of synthetic fibres, high-quality tanned natural skins have always had a touch of luxury. The same can be said for sheepskin rugs. These rugs provide comfort in both warm and cold seasons. This is because they have air pockets between the hairs keep, ensuring they remain warm in winter and cool in summer. As a result, most people buy them to insulate cold floors, especially stone tiles and bathrooms.

Sheepskin rugs also add a chic appearance to a house. For instance, large sheepskin rugs add a warm, soft cloud-like appearance. They also provide relaxation, romance and well-being. Ideally, you may go for a grey one if you have dark floors. On the other hand, black sheepskin rugs add a beautiful contrast to light-coloured furnishings. They also look great on a noble parquet floor.

How to Care for Your Sheepskin Rug

While sheepskin rugs are generally hygienic, they require a certain level of care. It’s best to vacuum them regularly, and soft brush them out occasionally with a clothes brush.

Note: Don't put a regular sheepskin rug in the washing machine

However, you may clean those designed for babies in a washing machine with a special detergent. Keep in mind that specialist companies prepare such rugs.

Sheepskin Rugs are Natural Products

A sheepskin rug is a natural product that conveys warmth and security. Due to these properties, small children love to crawl and play on them. The raw skins are carefully selected in our company, and the wool quality is checked by hand. Only healthy, strong animals have a beautiful coat with thick, soft hair. No sheepskin rug is like the other. As such, we only use those from strong, healthy animals as they have beautiful coats with thick and soft fur. Our rugs are sustainable, durable, and maintain a fresh look even after years. They don't always have to be white; we have them in black, grey and brown, among other colours.

Note: The sheepskin is a by-product because the animals are bred for their meat.


Real sheepskin is a dream material for a rug if you like natural fabrics. The fur material is soft, cosy and comfortable. Besides, the rug's underside is made of smooth, soft leather. A large sheepskin rug is wonderfully warm on the feet on a tiled floor. Wool absorbs moisture and improves the indoor climate. The rug is also easy to care for. Shake it out vigorously from time to time and comb it with a coarse hairbrush. You can lay it with the fur side in fresh powder snow in winter and then pat it out. The real fur will look new again.

Buy a sheepskin rug - it comes in several colours - white, beige or brown.

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