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Elevate your walls with our collection of stunning wall rugs, blending art and functionality.

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Wall Rugs: Transform Your Walls into Artistic Displays

A picture says more ...

Tapestries are in trend. They are a beautiful, stylish addition to your home decor, they inspire and motivate.

Rugs come in all variations, not only monochrome or with geometric patterns. Picture rugs show plants, animals or people. You get rugs with fantasy worlds in rich intense colors or quiet landscapes in soft pastel shades.

In which room does a tapestry fit?

Tapestries are great for smaller rooms or the entrance hall. In the hallway, they are - with bold colors - a visual highlight.

A woven picture rug creates a friendly warm atmosphere in the playroom. For the children's room or the dining room, take a short pile (approx. 1.5 cm pile). Then you can easily vacuum or clean it.

In the bathroom, a tapestry with waves or fish, for example, is suitable. Make sure that the underside is non-slip.

The tapestry

We know rugs from floors. In the Middle Ages, princes and kings displayed their wealth through tapestries.

Like a tapestry, the motif of your tapestry comes out quite differently.

Hang your tapestry tightly stretched. Is the tapestry hanging alone on the wall with no other objects or furniture? Then the center of the rug should be at eye level, which looks natural. Is there, for example, a small table underneath? Then hang the rug so that there is enough space between the furniture and the rug.

The tapestry - is not only beautiful

In large rooms, a tapestry confidently - hand-knotted and colorful - defines spatial zoning. Neutral pieces of furniture draw attention to him, especially on light floors, the rug is an eye-catcher.

Great to picture rugs are matching accessories, such as small pillows or seating elements.

Rugs are not only highly decorative. They positively affect the indoor climate, have a sound and heat-insulating effect, and absorb moisture. Very thick examples are suitable for cool floors, in children's rooms light and thinner rugs are suitable.

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