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Bathroom Rugs: Add Softness and Style to Your Daily Rituals

Why no bathroom should be without a rug

A rug is not only a stylish decoration that enhances your bathroom, but it also serves to avoid direct contact with the cold tiled floor. After a shower or a relaxing full bath, it promises dry feet on a fluffy and warm surface. In addition, its tasks include absorbing water and providing a non-slippery surface. In this way, it offers reliable protection against slipping and falling. At the same time, it creates a harmonious feeling in the home. Thanks to a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and materials, it is not difficult to find the right choice, regardless of whether your bathroom is all white or in other colours. It guarantees a dry floor, an appealing ambience, and a high degree of safety. It can be in front of the bath, shower, washbasin, and WC. Reasons enough, then, to equip your bathroom with an accessory that is both decorative and functional.

A bathroom rug should have the following characteristics

A damp room places special demands on a rug. If it were to soak up moisture and not dry off, the result would be germ and mould growth. For this reason, the structure of your bathroom rug should be open and somewhat uneven. This way, it can dry easily as a breathable rug and remain beautiful for a long time. When buying rugs, you should also look for a high level of quality. A high-quality rug will neither show signs of wear nor pull threads. With a bathroom rug, quality also means safety. The light rubber coating on the underside provides slip resistance on damp tiled floors and must not come loose when washed. If a bathroom rug is washable, it can dry after machine washing and retain its attractive appearance for many years.

A huge choice of materials, shapes, and colours

Polyamide, polyester, or polyacrylic are frequently used as materials for bathrooms. The synthetic fibres are soft, easy to clean, and durable. As a purely natural product, cotton rugs are particularly breathable and are in no way inferior to synthetic fibres in terms of softness and durability. A wooden bath rug deliberately does without a soft surface, but its natural look provides stylish accents in the bathroom. As long as wood can dry off, again and again, it regulates its moisture itself. Rugs made of bamboo are usually lacquered or stained and thus particularly well suited for use in damp rooms. If you prefer natural fibres such as coconut or rush, you should make sure that the rug can always dry well.

The selection of shapes and colours is huge. Bathroom rugs are available as individual pieces or in the form of multi-piece sets. Whether short or high pile, rectangular, square, round or oval, small rug or large rug - bathroom rugs can be integrated into any bathroom concept. Add to this the fact that the rugs are available in almost any colour.

The right care for your bathroom rug

When caring for your bathroom rug, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. As the floor coverings are usually not very large Dust, crumbs, and coarse dirt can be shaken out without any problem. Otherwise, hoover will help. As a rule, bath rugs can be washed in the washing machine. Cleaning at 60 degrees offers reliable protection against germs and bacteria and ensures hygienic and fresh cleanliness in the bathroom. If the underside of the rug is rubberised, it is important to pay explicit attention to the washing temperature and whether the rug is suitable for the dryer. If wooden and bamboo rugs are lacquered, they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they become dirty.

What a bathroom rug can do?

Whether small, large, round, square, fluffy, or firm, a bathroom rug knows how to fulfil all furnishing wishes with a huge variety of materials, shapes, and colours. As a high-pile rug, for example, it ensures fluffy barefoot walking, while wooden rugs provide natural living accents. A bathroom rug is always an eye-catcher, no matter whether it is plain, restrained in colour, patterned, or a bright splash of colour. There are no limits to creativity. Why not choose several rugs in different colours or match the colour of the bathroom rug to the maritime or exotic décor?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have in your search for the rug that suits you best, and we will be happy to advise you at any time. We will be happy to inform you about our wide range of rugs that skillfully combine cosiness and functionality. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

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