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Large Rugs: Make a Grand Statement in Spacious Interiors

What is the right size for rugs?

Planning to buy a new rug? Buy the right size. For perfect proportions in the room, a large one may be the better choice. If the rug is too small, the room will look cramped and the furniture won't stand out. If you need a large rug, an oriental rug is ideal. They unfold their effect and magic in every room.

Oriental rugs come in many varieties. The Qashqai (originally woven by nomads) is available as a small rug. It is characterized by geometric patterns. The Gabbeh is imaginative, and colourful, with beautiful warm colours. Splendid silk rugs come from Isfahan.

Large rugs for living room

In the living room, the rug is placed in front of the sofa or armchair. Do not place it too far away from the seating area. On smaller rugs, you can only put the front legs of the chairs or the couch. If the rug is large enough, the whole seating set (sofa, coffee table, armchair) can stand on it. This is a very nice option for an open-plan living concept. In any case, the rug should be 15 to 25 cm wider than your furniture.

A Persian rug is also an excellent choice for the seating area. The diversity of Persian knotting is outstanding. You can get rugs with geometric patterns in bright red, blue, black and gold. The motifs are classic but interpreted in a modern way in terms of size and colours. With their high-quality wool and warm, rich plant colours, oriental rugs harmonize perfectly with our contemporary interior style. A modern piece of furniture on a classic rug has a completely different effect.

Large rugs for dining rooms

Large flat rugs are particularly suitable for the dining room. It is ideal if the entire dining group can sit on it. In this way, this area is nicely contained. Allow 70 cm from the edge of the table for the chairs to move back and forth. Short pile rugs with a pile height of up to 1.5 cm are easy to vacuum. Rugs zone the room and support an open living-dining concept. Large Persians are also ideal for the dining area. They are made of high-quality sheep's wool and are easy to vacuum. The many colours and patterns also make them ideal for the dining area. A patterned Kerman with a floral design, for example, looks beautiful. If the shades are bright and colourful, you can pick them up in the table decoration. For very heavily patterned chairs, plain-coloured rugs are more suitable.

Large rugs for bedroom

Cosy rugs with a fluffy pile (high pile) are perfect for the bedroom. In a large room, you can put the whole bed on a rug (approx. 200 x 300 cm). To ensure that your feet are warm, the rug should protrude about 60 cm under the bed. If the room is only small, two runners to the right and left of the bed are suitable. Rugs have a homely effect and create a cosy atmosphere. Rugs are also made in calm colours (black, white, brown and beige). Natural tones are great if you want to change the style of the room every now and then. These colours don't go out of fashion and are easy to combine. The wool of Persian sheep is cosy, hard-wearing and insulating. It contains natural fat and is resistant to dirt. The rug brings cosiness and warmth to any bedroom.

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