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Add a touch of style and protection to your hallway with our selection of hallway rugs.

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Hallway Rugs: Make First Impressions Count with Stylish Runners

Have you ever redecorated your flat? But when you look around, you still feel that something is missing. Indeed, something is missing, the icing on the cake that makes you miss your house each time you leave. Speculatively, your hallway is missing something that exudes warmth and radiance.

Take a quick look at the floor of your hallway. What do you see? Cold tiles, plain parquet, bare laminate? That does not look very inviting for ample open space in the entrance area. Now imagine a tasteful rug on your sober hallway floor. That is precisely what you need!

Hallway rugs conjure up warmth, charm, and character in your home. The hallway is the first impression a guest gets from your home. That is why you should pay close attention to the design of your hallway as you do to the furnishings of your living room or kitchen.

Choosing the hallway rug cleverly

To transform your plain hallway into an inviting welcome area, do not just throw out a random mat. We have hallway rugs in many colors, shapes, and sizes that will brighten up your space. The first rule when choosing a rug should be: it has to suit you. Do not let others talk you into a supposedly trendy big pattern, which you do not like.

The second decision point is that the rug should be harmonious with your ambiance. Ideally, the color of your wallpaper or a picture should be reflected in the rug. The rug should also reflect your interior style.

Do you love a modern look, or do you prefer a nostalgic touch? Here you will find what you want, whether modern rugs or great hallway rugs in vintage style.

What material should hallway rugs be made of?

The rug in the hallway is not only the first thing your guest sees; it is also the first thing they step on. Especially on days with muddy weather, your rug will have to be put up with dirty, heavy shoes trampling on it.

Thus, if you do not want to make visitors take their shoes off at the front door, you should ensure a robust rug. No matter how much you love fluffy rugs that make your feet feel like they're sinking into clouds, you should opt for a short pile height or a woven rug for your hallway.

Natural materials such as wool, cotton, coconut, or bamboo are ideal. Jute and sisal rugs, in particular, are dirt-repellent, antistatic, and easy to clean. These properties also apply to synthetic fiber rugs, which no longer look cheap but are valuable and stylish. Today, rug runners are available in numerous materials, such as cotton or polyester. The material influences the feel and look of the hallway rug as well as its maintenance requirements. Very easy to clean are synthetic fibers and polyester. Popular natural materials would be sisal, as well as tree and virgin wool. These store heat very well. Particularly cozy are hallway rugs with high or long piles made of microfiber and virgin wool, which are available for any style of living.

A hallway rug should match the decor and personal taste. There are rugs and runners in many sizes, plus different designs. Classic oriental rugs are represented as well as very modern weaving. The rug in the hallway usually has no fringes. It lies very smoothly on the floor so that no one stumbles over it.

How to find the right shape?

There are hallways of all sizes and shapes, and this is true for all our rugs. When furnishing, the rule is that the rug should have at least 15 cm of space to look harmonious. Take the radius into account before opening the door. In addition, the rug should look free. Therefore, please do not place any hallway furniture on it.

Many hallways are elongated and narrow, for which the classic hallway rug runner is ideal. If your hallway is exceptionally long, you can shorten it visually by laying two subtly patterned rugs. Even a large hallway can have an exciting touch with several color-coordinated rugs. Furthermore, a round rug adds a practical accent to a small, square hallway.

Buy rugs in peace in the online store

rugs for the hallway are available in the online store, where you can look for the right model at your leisure. Important in the selection are the dimensions, material and colors. The height of the pile (short pile, high pile, long pile) is also a purchase criterion. Many people put in the hallway short pile rug, but the other variants also fit. Buying in the online store is also possible with installment payments.

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