Jute Rugs

Enjoy the natural appeal and earthy texture of jute rugs, adding an organic touch to your space.

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Jute Rugs: Embrace Natural Charm in Your Sustainable Decor

 Jute rugs are rugs or runners made of natural material jute, which will decorate your floors in style. Whether the jute rug is processed from pure jute or contains only a portion of jute, a jute rug is always a good choice as flooring. We have jute rugs made from 100% jute in our selection, as well as versions that integrate soft wool and fine cotton. Jute rugs are sustainable and bring excellent qualities to the table, as our guide shows.

A jute rug is made of dried plant fibers that are woven or interwoven into a solid rug. Jute is an annual and fast-growing plant that thrives in tropical climates, with stems reaching up to three meters in height. Today it is mainly grown in India and Bangladesh. 
A rug made of jute is also unbeatable in terms of durability and longevity. Its maintenance requirements are reduced to a minimum. Due to its naturalness and exotic appearance, it can be integrated into any interior style, which is also why it is one of the most popular rugs. A jute rug is unique, stylish and characterized by its rough texture.

What are the characteristics of jute rugs?

Jute is a bast fiber from Asia, Africa, and India, which is a renewable resource that is particularly environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Jute fibers have a light golden sheen and are very durable. rugs made of jute are excellent sound and heat insulators.

  • Various designs- The designs of jute rugs are incredibly diverse. They can be plain and patterned, with boho and striped designs being as popular as kilim or diamond patterns.
  • Many Possible combinations- Rugs made of jute can be beautifully designed with natural colors, which can be seen, among others, in the oriental handmade unique pieces. If you want to bring an Arabic flair to your home, combine them with white wooden furniture and pillows, stools with oriental patterns, and silver metal vases. The jute rug will provide a warm ambiance, which will also be supported by golden decorative elements.

Appearance, color & shape.

As a natural fiber, jute has a neutral color that unobtrusively provides warmth and coziness in the room. Because of its light golden and delicate luster, it is often referred to as "golden fiber". Two different types of jute are mainly produced: the rather robust dark jute and the less robust white jute. rugs made of jute are characterized by a coarse, rough, and net-like structure. They are available in rectangular shapes, round and as runners in a wide variety of sizes. In terms of color, a natural jute rug varies between beige, cream, and light brown. Dyed rugs look very stylish and offer a choice of colors in red, yellow, blue, turquoise, and green, often they are patterned. Jute rugs are available with fringes and pompoms, a round jute rug with many small circular borders also looks beautiful However, it is also available in square shapes and various sizes - from XS to L - with us.

With their natural look, these rugs are true all-rounders and therefore allow for a wide range of design options. They come in round, square and rectangular shapes, so they can match any interior.

Our jute rugs have been woven or braided. They show gorgeous color combinations in light gray, delicate lime green or the original color, while being absolutely stain resistant. This makes them decorative treasures for your home's comfort. Some of our rugs made of jute were made by hand as unique pieces. You will create a stylish oasis of well-being. Order the rugs also in extra-large format.

How to keep it clean: care tips for your jute rug.

Since you can lay out a jute rug indoors and outdoors, it sometimes needs good care. When it is outdoors, it should not get wet. If it does, it can be dried with a hair dryer. Like any other rug, it can be easily vacuumed or beaten out, and it is advisable to clean the back as well. Crumbs sometimes fall through the coarse rug structure. The jute rug does not tolerate cleaning with water, but it does tolerate damp wiping. Liquids should be absorbed immediately with absorbent paper.

The right jute rug for every room

Breathable - antistatic - hard-wearing - sound-absorbing - heat-insulating: the many advantages of a jute rug can be used for any room. By the way: a jute rug is completely immune to any moth damage. The robust and tread-elastic floor covering convinces with its natural look as a long and narrow runner in entrance areas and hallways. Properly staged in a classic rectangular shape, it provides a visual highlight under every dining and kitchen table. In the living room, it can be used as a round spot of color or patterned, and it looks especially good as a solitary rug under a hanging chair or at the end of a bed. Also (covered) balconies and terraces are given a homely and warm character by a stylish jute rug if desired also in lounge style. In the bathroom, the rug should not be used due to its natural material, as it does not tolerate humidity and moisture.

In bedrooms fit smaller and larger rugs made of jute. The small versions you put directly in front of the bed, and the large formats on an open space, or centrally under the bed.

A rug made of jute is more durable than a cotton or silk rug. Probably the most important advantage of jute is its ability to clean itself. The fiber is particularly dirt-repellent, and fresh stains can be easily removed with soapy water. The strong structure of the jute is also convincing.

With its classic color, the jute rug can be combined with a wide variety of furnishing elements. Thus, it can structure a room with a simple and clear design or give it an oriental or exotic ambiance with appropriate decoration. It knows how to skillfully adapt to a country-style interior and at the same time sets stylish contrasts in modern interior concepts with its rustic design. A jute rug can also be integrated into any color concept.

A rug made of jute - properly staged - attracts attention and inspires with its naturalness. It combines many advantages and fits into any room and living concept. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our natural all-rounder and support you on the way to your personal favorite piece.

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