Natural Fiber Rugs

Experience eco-friendly elegance with our collection of natural fiber rugs, crafted from sustainable materials to bring nature's beauty into your home.

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Natural Fiber Rugs: Sustainable Beauty for Eco-friendly Interiors

As in old paintings, some examples remind us of past times, while others look simply fresh and stylish: natural fiber rugs provide elegance, coziness, and warmth in the room. They mirror the interior or set clear accents. The grande dame is just as happy with them as the student from the second semester or the large family. Not everyone is that versatile.

Reasons to choose natural fiber rugs

Everyone knows the wow effect when you enter a room where everything is just right. With a natural fiber rug, you connect furnishing elements and build your distinctive world with everything that is important to you. Sometimes happiness just lies on the rug. Here are some reasons for choosing natural fiber rugs over other types.

Tradition meets newcomer: Natural fiber rugs for everyone

As high craftsmanship or simply woven you can get natural rugs. There are the classic oriental rug and plain-colored examples, rugs with high piles and easy-care, smoothly finished kilims or sisals. Whether round, square, or oval - there is a suitable shape for everyone! rug weaving has a long tradition. Valuable specimens came from the Orient. Even Alexander the Great took them with him as spoils of war. Knotted or woven rugs tell stories, tell of rich culture, and are coveted luxury objects to this day.

Pure nature and true to style

Your home is not a museum and luxury is not your thing? Do you love sustainability and simple, clear design? Perfect! A natural fiber rug suits you because woven, plush, and tufted rugs are not only available in noble, but also robust designs. Just choose your natural fiber rug accordingly.

Variety of materials: Virgin wool, cork wool, or silk?

What is a natural fiber rug made of? In addition to jute, hemp, and sisal, there are three types of material, which are also mixed:

  • Virgin wool - the warming, resistant material is used for knotting and weaving natural fiber rugs.
  • Cork wool - is a special form of sheep wool, it comes from the neck area and is particularly soft and rich in fat. The name cork sounds misleading; what is meant is Kurk, which in Persian means fluff.
  • Silk - has it all. Do you imagine a fine web? The long, multiply twisted silk threads are extremely thin, yet extremely tear-resistant. This is how the finest natural fiber rugs, individual elements in wool rugs, or wool-silk rugs are made.



A natural fiber rug can be designed as a fine silk weave or a sturdy woven floor covering. You can choose a large specimen that takes up the entire room or opt for a smaller format and deliberately set cuddly accents. With a natural fiber rug, it becomes cozy or opulent: a rug gives the room character and lives with you: Ambiente de luxe, Raw Nature, Vintage, or Minimalism - everything is possible!


How to choose the right rug?

If you love it as classic and elegant, you can't do without a rug. The play of colors in a room is essentially determined by the rug. Striking basic tones or decorative patterns together with furniture and chandeliers create a harmonious overall effect. Perfect for resting after the day or reading a book in the evening. For you, it looks completely different. You're looking for a utility rug that matches a rustic country style or need a durable floor covering that dogs and cats can't harm? Again, there is a wide selection of rugs that could fit your needs.

Is a rug for just me or all my kids?

As different as lifestyles and habits are, so are area rugs. Furnishings should always match your own needs. No one wants to tiptoe around their house or constantly warn friends about the rug. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without a natural fiber rug. Quite the opposite! There are specimens that are particularly suitable for families: free of harmful substances and resistant, they do everything with you and cut a wonderful figure.

How to care for natural fiber rugs?

Natural fiber rugs are sometimes amazingly resilient according to weave, material, and coloring. Some types of rug gain patina and personality through wear and aging. High pile and silk rugs are more suitable for sheltered areas, while natural fiber rugs with a low pile or in woven, tapestry, or kilim styles can also be used as runners in hallways or more heavily used rooms. When it comes to caring for and cleaning, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions. Some rugs can even be washed, while others react sensitively. Caution is advised with stain remover & co. It is not uncommon that the color of the natural fiber rug to be rubbed out.

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