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Oriental Rugs: Timeless Elegance for a Sophisticated Decor

Do you often have to fight with wanderlust in everyday life and want to get a feeling of foreign countries and cultures in your own home? Then the oriental rug is certainly a good choice for you. With an oriental rug, you can bring the typical oriental flair into your own walls and defy the wanderlust blues. Oriental rug enjoys great popularity today - after all, the rug has a lot to offer. It has a special design, can be made of high-quality materials and can be used in a variety of ways. Oriental rug Morgenland is available in many different sizes and designs, so there is certainly a suitable piece for you and your taste.

Why Should you choose oriental rugs?

Oriental rugs are something very special, because they are considered very high quality and noble. Especially in the Orient, people know what makes an exceptional quality rug. The oriental rug is characterized mainly by the eye-catching design in the oriental look and by its method of manufacture. The rugs are either woven or hand knotted and produced in a complex process. Since a lot of effort goes into production, the oriental rug is also one of the highest-quality rugs around. The value and the production effort can be recognized most easily by the number of knots. If a rug has many knots, it is very high quality and at the same time resistant to outside influences. Oriental rug got its name because of the origin of the rug.

Originally, this type of rug comes from the Orient, which includes the parts of Central Asia, Africa or the Middle East. With the dense surface, the oriental rug brings many advantages. The thick and firm surface is excellent for dampening sound in rooms. In addition, with the surface, cleaning also becomes easier. Dirt particles and dust can not easily penetrate into the fabric, so the dirt on the surface can be removed more quickly and easily. Another advantage of an oriental rug is the variety of unique pieces. There are rugs in different designs and shades. The color design is very diverse and can also be a successful mixture of many bright shades. The design is usually characterized by many small details, which in total create a true work of art. The design of the patterns here takes different forms - starting from curved to graphic to straight. Thus, quite unique surfaces are to be created, which will certainly attract attention.  

Material for oriental rugs

Just as diverse as the design is the choice of materials. An oriental rug can be made of different materials - such as wool or synthetic fiber. Each material brings unique advantages. Of course, the rug should fit not only visually, but also qualitatively to the desired place of use. Furthermore, you can choose between a variety of sizes - from XS to XXL - which best suits your desires.    


The material wool enjoys great popularity among young and old. It is a great natural product that retains its original beauty over time. Dyeing is also very easy with the wool. Even with stronger sunlight, the material can maintain the original color and. With good humidity control, the rug can positively contribute to the indoor climate and bring the rooms back to a natural balance. In any case, a rug made of wool brings many advantages and with the good heat retention can provide warm feet even in winter. If you want to use a wool rug on your own premises, you can increase the comfort of living and set great visual accents.

The tear-resistant cotton with dense surface

The oriental rug is also available in tear-resistant cotton. The material made of high-quality natural fibers is extremely environmentally friendly and can be used well for a long time. The cotton rug usually has an appealing thinness, making it difficult for dirt particles to accumulate inside. Furthermore, the antibacterial property makes it suitable not only for children, but also for allergy sufferers. The fibers of cotton are very soft and pliable and also provide a great flair to the premises. The diverse selection of cotton rugs is remarkable and makes it possible that there is also something suitable for you.  

The synthetically produced synthetic fiber

The material of the synthetic fiber can be found under many different names - starting from polyester to viscose to polyacrylic. The great advantage of the synthetic fiber is the good price. Machine-made oriental rugs are usually a lot cheaper and can thus be easy on your wallet. In addition, the material of the synthetic fiber is usually insensitive and robust. Even with higher strains, the material still retains its original beauty. In addition, the ease of care of the fabric also contributes to the fact that this rug is well-suited for people with pets or children. In addition to the above materials, there is also an oriental rug made of mixed fabrics, where both natural fibers and synthetic fibers are used together. A mixed fabric combines the advantages of each material and is very popular.  

How do I clean my oriental rug?

Oriental rugs are something very special, because they are considered very high quality and noble. Especially in the Orient, people know what makes an exceptional quality rug. But what actually needs to be taken care of when cleaning oriental rugs and for whom are they suitable? Care must be taken with such delicate and unusual rugs. When cleaning oriental rugs, the fibers must be treated gently so that they do not suffer permanent damage. It is recommended to put a cover made of natural cotton or nylon over the rug and then vacuum it gently. This removes the dust and straightens the fibers. 

Afterwards, the rug is cleaned with a self-mixed cleaning agent, since chemical cleaning agents from the drugstore attack the color pigments and the fibers too much. To do this, simply mix some vinegar, lukewarm water and detergent and gently massage into the rug, allow to act briefly and then wipe off. In case of absorbed odors, proceed as follows: Sprinkle some baby powder on the rug, let it sit overnight, then vacuum as mentioned above. The powder will absorb the odors and the rug will smell like new.

Where can I use oriental rugs?

Oriental rugs are suitable for both residential and commercial use. Anyone who appreciates an impressive rug is suitable for it. However, one should then also deal with it appropriately and care for it accordingly. This type of rugs have a great ability, because with them apartments and houses are immediately upgraded and become something special. It is as if the presence of such a rug immediately affects the atmosphere. But they are suitable not only for connoisseurs of the industry. rugs of this type experience regular increases in value and therefore hold tremendous potential. Thus, these goods can also serve as future-oriented financial investments.

How much does it cost to clean Oriental rugs?

Unfortunately, this question can not be answered in a blanket, but nevertheless, a certain framework can be determined, in which price will move. A profane cleaning will cost at least 14 euros per square meter of the rug. This would correspond however merely to a simple cleaning without large other special services. If you want the oriental rug to be eulanized and impregnated, this price will quickly double and even more per square meter. Fundamental is also always the way the rug is made because according to this, the material must be treated differently. In general, however, the price will be within this predetermined range. So you can calculate in advance approximately what the cleaning will cost.

Varied designs for different tastes!

The oriental rug is characterized primarily by the oriental design, which is composed of many individual elements. But to which interior styles can an oriental rug actually be best combined? The oriental rug can be wonderfully combined with interiors in the boho look. An interior in the boho look is unconventional and at the same time also imperfect. If you love casual and different environments and at the same time want to set visual accents, the oriental rug could go well with your boho look.   

Besides that, the oriental rug is often used in modern environments as well. If you have furnishings with a modern, straightforward design and want to bring a contrast to your rooms, an oriental rug can be a good choice. Oriental rug with its special design can go very well with plain sofa, straight coffee tables and co. If you want to perfect the look, you can also use various decorative elements in the color of the rug and thus provide that certain something.   

However, a classic look can also be combined very well with oriental rugs. Timeless furnishings can be given a special chic with an oriental rug. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your premises and that the style fits your individual taste.

What do You need to consider?

The oriental rug is a beautiful piece of furniture that will certainly cause a stir in your home for a long time. In order to maintain the original beauty for a long time, you should not neglect regular care. If you turn the rug 180 degrees at certain intervals, you can balance the load on the rug. Thus, not only one side is worn, but the load is distributed on both sides. Regular vacuuming is also essential to remove dirt and sand. Cleaning the back side is also recommended from time to time. If there are protruding threads, you should never pull them out, but gently cut them off with scissors. If there are any liquids on the oriental rug, they should be removed with a cloth before they dry. If you want to use a cleaner on the rug, you should test it in advance on a small area. After all, you usually do not know in advance how compatible a cleaner is with the surface.

To the conclusion

Are you looking for an Oriental rug with a special design, which has its origin in the Orient? Then you should not hesitate any longer and click through the attractive range of oriental rugs. With the rich variety of rugs in different sizes, shapes and patterns, there is certainly something for every taste. For example, a rug in a round shape will combine well with a round coffee table, while square or rectangular rugs will harmonize well with tables of the same format.

No matter which model you finally decide on - each rug with oriental flair is something very special. The pattern is made of many individual elements, which in the end create a wonderful overall design. The variety of color shades is remarkable, so you can certainly meet different tastes. Thus, shopping for rugs is also great fun!

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