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Relief / 3D Rugs: Add Textural Intrigue to Your Decor

What Makes 3D rugs so Special

One most distinguishing factor about 3D rugs is that they have a unique appearance. Their flatweave and deep pile design set a stylish and eye-catching appeal to any room. 3D rugs are ideal since they come in a variety of colors, designs and patterns. They will attract any potential buyer in the market.

This technique perfectly creates the 3D effect since the threads are cut row by row and closed pile threads. However, this is not the only way for the rugs to achieve a 3D look.

Manufacturers use the Heatset Frizee process, which strongly crinkles the rug’s fiber, thus bringing out differences in height and depth. Most importantly, the rugs will be voluminous with more density and they shall possess a soft touch.

3D is durable due to the type of material they are made of. The synthetic fibers make them resilient and they can hardly fluff or lose their good quality. This type of rug will stay for many years without any sign of chafing or abrasion.

They will grant you comfort and coziness due to the soft pile. If you have an under-floor heating system, 3D rugs are ideal as they absorb sound.

3D Rugs and their Variety of Colors and Shapes

3D rugs are available in all form of shapes and sizes. You will find round, square, and even rectangular ones. Some of these rugs have soft surfaces with fibers of a height of 20 millimeters.

One is likely to buy a 3D rug due to its appearance as its surface contains synthetic fibers that undergo dense weaving to bring out the amazing look they possess. They come in a variety of colors and it all depends on your preferences. You may opt for monochrome colors or several colors.

So your 3D Rugs will stay Beautiful for a Long Time

Rugs tend to get dirty from time to time since they are basically on the floor. Therefore, regular vacuuming will be an effective way to clean them. In case of any stains, dab them with a clean cloth quickly before it dries off.

To avoid any form of tears, vacuum deep pile zones at the lowest level. You can machine wash small-sized rugs and dry them completely before spreading them on the floor.

Rugs with a 3D Effect are Suitable for every Ling Space

3D rugs possess an elegant design that will suit every space in a room. In the living room, around the coffee table, they will warm your feet. In the dining room, they will embellish the room. If they are spread anywhere in the house, they make your bare feet feel comfortable and warm.

3D Rugs are Suitable for Every Living Concept

3D rugs are versatile because they are suitable for modern spaces and timeless ones. They create elegance in any room they are spread due to their stylish designs and colors. The colors and designs you choose will spell out the era you prefer. With the right choice, 3D rugs will give you the elegance your space deserves.

Our high-quality 3D rugs are made from Polypropylene. If you wish to experience coziness, try beige, brown, and grey colors. Round rugs vary from 80-200 centimeters, while rectangular one varies from 280-370 centimeters.

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