Flatweave Rugs

Discover the charm and versatility of flatweave rugs, adding a chic touch to your floors with their distinctive patterns and textures.

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Flatweave Rugs: Durable Elegance for Your Everyday Needs

For furnishing the living room and dining room, a flat-weave rug is an excellent solution. It convinces with high material and manufacturing quality and proves to be durable, resistant, and easy to clean in everyday life. Here in the store, you will find high-quality models that also offer bold colors and beautiful patterns. Thus, the flat weave rug becomes an eye-catcher in any room. Below you can learn more about our range of flat weave models.

Flat weave rug's advantages

Flat weave rugs are rugs that have no pile or are short piles. The texture of the surface ranges from smooth to very textured. Our offer of flat-weave rugs also includes the Kilim rugs. These robust and durable rugs can be used on both sides. The pile of flat-weave rugs has a maximum length of 1.5 cm, which makes the rug particularly easy to clean and can be laid out in all rooms. Liquids are very difficult to be absorbed by the rug fibers, which is why many stains can be easily wiped off. Another advantage of our flat woven rugs is that they can bind house dust in the pile. This can be especially beneficial to people with allergies. In addition, these short pile rugs serve wonderfully as impact sound insulation, allowing you to significantly reduce annoying everyday noise. Do you have pets? Our flat pile rugs score in this case as well. On the one hand, through the previously mentioned, easy maintenance of the rug, and on the other hand, the claws of your faithful companions can not easily get caught in the pile.

What are flat weave rugs made of?

A flatweave rug is made of cotton, polyamide or virgin wool. With their natural fibers, cotton rugs create a pleasant indoor climate. They provide a pleasant and soft walking comfort. In addition, the rugs have a thermoregulating effect, absorbing and removing moisture. Rugs made of polyamide or nylon convince with high resilience and are dirt-repellent. The synthetic fibers are easy to clean and are a good choice especially for allergy sufferers. Rugs made of virgin wool create a cozy atmosphere. In addition, the wool fibers are insensitive to pressure points, because they can stretch and contract again. In addition, a rug made of virgin wool is sound-absorbent and anti-static. Also, discover the flatweave rugs made of blended fabrics. Here are the available fabric types at a glance:

  • Cotton
  • Polyamide
  • Virgin wool
  • Blended fabric

Materials, Production, and Variety

The more densely a flatweave rug is woven, the finer the rug and the more detailed patterns can be depicted on it. Mostly virgin wool is used for our flatweave rugs. A virgin wool rug provides a pleasantly soft and warming addition to your floors. At the same time, a virgin wool rug is durable and long-lasting. If you look at our flatweave rugs, you will also be able to see that virgin wool can be processed very nobly. However, other wool is also used.

At Morgenland Teppiche, you will find among our modern rugs both plain flatweave rugs in a variety of shades - from beige to red to pink - and rugs with lively and stylish patterns. A kilim rug in brown or beige can complement your modern decor very well. Brown and beige are warm, homey, grounding, and calming colors. Brown and beige rugs have managed to become real eye-catchers in recent years and can be found in many modern interiors nowadays. Or bring the colors of nature into your four walls with a woven rug in a fresh green. In addition to colorful rugs, we also have rugs in black and white. Give your interior a modest and discreet touch with a short pile rug in white or choose an elegant-looking woven rug in black.

However, a luxurious interior does not consist of single elegant shades, but of an interplay of these shades. Black and white colors cover most of the rooms, and beige and brown color cast complete the luxurious interior. However, color mixes are also suitable for oriental furnished apartments. In these rooms, many dark brown tones are combined with light beige and some black and white tones.

In addition to plain flatweave rugs, we also have a variety of patterns for this type of rug. From plaid to tiled rugs to rugs with different shaped motifs on a plain background or within a woven frame. In our online store, you will find a wide range of patterns. Here in the store, you will find modern and high-quality flatweave rugs in first-class quality. The durable and easy-care rugs offer an elegant design. Varied colors and patterns provide visual terms for that certain something. We have the right models for every interior style. There is also a wide selection in terms of shape and size. You too can choose a flat woven rug from our assortment and benefit from a large selection, high quality, and low prices.

Well combinable: These rugs fit your style of living

The firm surface of the flat-woven rugs makes varied and unusual patterns possible. The plain rugs set color accents, but still look stylish and discreet. Light rugs form a beautiful contrast to a dark room. The colorful patterned models with checks or floral patterns are also very popular. The colorful rugs become a real eye-catcher in living and dining rooms. A visual highlight are also the flat woven rugs in oriental style. They are waiting for you with a wide range of patterns, colors and shapes. Dark red and brown shades with oriental and curved ornaments are especially popular. But color combinations of blue, yellow, green and orange are also very popular.

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