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Experience the cozy and luxurious feel of our Flokati rugs, crafted with traditional techniques.

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Flokati Rugs: Bring Greek Traditions into Your Cozy Spaces

How a traditional Flokati Rug is made?

The word "Flokati" means "woolen blanket" or "thick shepherd's cloak." The country of origin of the Flokati rug is Greece. It is from the Pindos Mountains, where the shepherd's rug gained popularity, far beyond the country's borders in the 1970s. This was because it was made of pure wool, an entirely natural product that has fewer harmful substances and is fluffy and soft.

The traditional production of a flokati rug takes place in several steps as follows. First, the warp threads, usually made of spun pure wool yarn, are drawn onto a handloom. Pure wool yarn is then used as the weft, which guarantees durability and a stable shape. A square between two warp threads creates the high pile, whose circumference determines the subsequent pile height.

The yarn wrapped around the square is cut by hand to create a beautiful pile.

The denser the rows, the heavier and higher quality the Flokati rug will be after the production process. For example, at around 1,500 grams per square meter, the Flokati is of standard quality, and at around 3,000 grams, it achieves top quality.

Only a unique felting process concludes the production process, and this gives the Flokati its characteristic appearance. In this process, water from the mountain streams is poured into round vats in which the rugs are felted, shrunk, and strengthened for hours by the friction of the flowing water. After that, the rugs are sun-dried followed by a final quality check, and soon they fill the customers' living rooms with stylish elegance and comfort.

The Flokati rug's typical characteristics

The Flokati is considered a classic rug, with its incredibly soft, cozy, and supple feel. It typically has a fuzzy appearance, durable, and is easy to care for.

The Flokati provides a pleasant room climate and is ideally suited for underfloor heating rooms as a natural rug made of virgin wool. One characteristic of a Flokati rug is that it tends to produce a lot of fur at the beginning. This effect gradually diminishes and eventually ceases altogether. This speaks for the quality of the rug and its naturalness. On the other hand, synthetic fibers are robust, insensitive, and at the same time the right choice for allergy sufferers.

The Flokati rug: From classic to colorful

A flokati made from natural-colored virgin wool is always white. Alternatively, rugs made of synthetic fibers such as polypropylene offer a much more comprehensive range of shapes and colors. They are available in round, square, and fur shapes. In terms of colors, they vary from warm natural tones, and patterns to colorful rugs of blue, purple, grey, or red.

A flokati complements every interior style.

A flokati rug made from pure wool exudes an inviting appeal to any room with its off-white appearance. Made of synthetic fiber, a Flokati rug provides colorful highlights and a variety of patterns that beautify any space. In general, every Flokati rug conveys comfort, warmth, and stylish elegance.

In addition to its unique look, a Flokati rug offers a soft and warm sitting and lying surface in living rooms, bedrooms, and children's rooms. Babies can crawl happily here, and adults can read a good book on the rug. Due to their dirt and moisture-repellent properties, flokatis are very popular in kitchens, hallways, balconies, and entrance areas. Further, in the bathroom, they provide a velvety surface; made from synthetic fibers.

How to keep your Flokati beautiful for a long time?

When it comes to the correct care of a flokati, you must differentiate between natural wool and synthetic fibers. A flokati is made of pure wool, perfectly protected against moisture and dirt by the lanolin naturally occurring in wool. The lanolin ensures that water slides off and dust does not penetrate. Generally, always follow the manufacturer's instructions when cleaning.

Flokati rugs should be shaken out once a week and vacuumed regularly. Light soiling can be easily removed with a damp cloth and soap or carbonated water. However, the guideline is always to wipe - not rub. Otherwise, the dirt can be rubbed deeper into the fibers.

Small flokatis can also be washed by hand or in the washing machine. As a precaution, always only with lukewarm water and gentle wool detergent.

It is better to avoid chemical cleaners and household remedies such as baking powder, soda, and ammonia. A specialist rug cleaner can remove coarser stains.


Whether your home is furnished in a classic, modern or Scandinavian style, our woven and hand-tufted Flokati rugs will be the highlight of every living concept. Whether plain, patterned, or shiny, flokatis will fit the bill. Lastly, you can seek personal advice from us, and the satisfaction of our customers is always a priority. We will be happy to advise you in detail on your search for your Flokati rug.

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