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Experience the unique texture and durability of leather rugs, perfect for a bold statement.

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Leather Rugs: Add an Edgy Luxe to Your Space

A leather rug with its unique look has a great contribution to a cozy living atmosphere. The low pile and soft feel will surprise you positively. The different designs and the different shapes perfectly fit the look of your living rooms. Like soft padding, they nestle into your living landscape. Traditionally, leather rugs are handmade. Depending on your needs, you can lay out a full-size leather rug in your living room. Or you can choose a smaller piece for your reading corner or dining room.

Achieve spectacular effects with great designs

Original drawings, such as a leather rug made of cowhide or a colorful patchwork leather rug, will enliven any room and immediately attract everyone's attention. You can choose the right variant from the large selection to suit any style of living. Typical leather rugs are first of all animal fur rugs in brown or white with zebra drawings or patches of cowhides. For your modern style of living fit gray or brown tones, which harmonize well with white furniture. How about a design with metallic effects? Patchwork leather rugs are available in various patterns. The restrained gray or brown, the black and white in geometric patterns, or monochrome in different nuances give your room a noble touch.

If the Scandinavian style of living is your favorite, then such a leather rug round and small in front of your sofa or dining set is the right choice. It will harmonize perfectly with the natural colors of your wooden furniture.

Benefits of leather rugs

Leather rugs are natural products that do not take unpleasant odors. They are extremely robust and durable. Natural products are also free of harmful substances. On tiles or laminate floors, they lie firmly and do not slip. Even with underfloor heating, the rug gives you its warmth and does not block the radiation of the heater. Imagine snuggling up on the soft, natural material. Enjoy the coziness and switch off from everyday life in a romantic ambiance. Your rug is unique and your place of rest. Your genuine leather rug is always unique due to its handmade production. No shape is like the other. Patterns or sizes are always different from all the others. Modern and individual in smooth leather or suede, as patchwork, with fringes or shag

You have a wide choice for your very special rug. The classic rug made of leather or animal fur is usually in the natural basic colors grey, brown, beige, or black and white. The typical and natural shapes are not angular either, and there are usually no leather rugs with round shapes. Nevertheless, you can of course also buy leather rugs that are cut to your desired dimensions. The important thing is that the natural look is preserved. If you want to buy a leather or animal fur rug, it may show signs of wear. They are already present in the structure of the material and at the same time prove that this rug is not available a second time. Patchwork leather rugs are particularly popular at the moment

A wide variety of color nuances combine the original handicraft in natural shades with the modern furnishing style in colorful pastel shades. Individual color fields are put together in different sizes to create a total work of art. Or how about opting for a rug with fringes or leather stripes? Nomadic rugs have done it before, or leather shirts with shag. The same is possible with leather rugs. Leather rugs woven from ribbons and cotton strips and interwoven with each other create a very special image Leather strips and cotton strips are woven in brown and grey, for example, are unique because of their mix of materials and the woven look. With good, proper care, you have a friend for life with your rug.

How do care for leather rugs?

Your leather carpet wants gentle care. It is best to follow the manufacturer's care instructions, which you will receive when you buy the carpet. Some or rather most dirt can be removed with a soft brush and a slightly damp cloth. Once a week you should shake out the carpet vigorously or vacuum it. Do not use chemical cleaning agents. If you really need to remove stubborn stains, use a gentle neutral soap. Too much water is just as harmful. Wetness makes the carpet hard and there is a risk that the leather will break. Damp cloths or soft brushes are perfectly sufficient. If you want to air the carpet, make sure that it does not hang in the blazing sun. If it has become too damp, do not put it on the heater, but let it dry out slowly in the fresh air.
Washing machines are absolutely taboo.


Make yourself comfortable and relax on your exclusive leather rug. Feel the soft, warm feeling and let yourself be inspired by the countless possibilities. Indulge in shapes, sizes, and colors. Find your style that perfectly complements your interior and don't be afraid of potentially too much maintenance.

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