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Cowhide Rugs: Exotic Elegance for a Sophisticated Decor

There is a unique feeling that you get when you choose a real cowhide rug. It is a sudden touch of exclusivity that you discover once you get the right position to place your cowhide rug. It is indeed an eye-catcher.

You can place a small round rug in front of your bet nestles just below your feet for when you get up. What’s more? Cowhides don’t just look good on the floor. You can also use Velcro tape to fasten them as wall decorations. When used as such, they give your walls and rooms a distinct look.

Whether to achieve a stylish living room or a cozy cottage or to complete your country house furnishings, you can always use these cowhide rugs.Below are the reasons to choose Cowhide rugs.

The Best Flatterers for Your Home

The soft fur of a cowhide rug is the perfect choice for the corner of your home. The design changes in ever new shapes, whether round, oval or in the natural contour of animal skin. So you can chill out in the evening in flattering, romantic surroundings. No two coats are alike, so you will always have a unique piece. The longevity and indestructibility of the rugs can withstand the playfulness of children. As such, it is really warmer as it can be used as the children’s room rug; functional and aesthetic.

Different Coat Designs and Colours

Just as every animal is different from the next, fur rugs are also different. They are individual and ideal in their own appearance. In most cases, the deep black cows supply the black cowhide rug. The coat pattern looks different every time as the cows also differ. It is important to note that the hair’s length determines its individuality. Today, cowhide rugs are in demand now more than ever. Depending on what you want, you can get a cowhide rug in the real natural version, or a synthetic imitation. You can only imagine how your wooden floor could stand out with the black or grey cowhide rugs. While it looks small and exotic in films, it is indeed a beautiful addition to your fireplace.

Possible Combinations of Cowhide Rugs

You can also adapt a rug to your style of living depending on your preferred colors. While natural colors are mostly brown-white or black-white, you can also get uni-colored skins in black or brown. Others are patchwork rugs that can enhance your room’s aesthetics.

Easy Care for the Cowhide Rugs

When it comes to caring for natural fabrics, less is often more. Using washing machines, chemical cleaning agents and too much water will cause more damage. To clean and freshen up your cowhide rug, you need to thoroughly air it in the sun. This is because animal hair easily absorbs pollutants from the air. For this reason, regular airing is a blessing for your real natural rug.

It is crucial to understand that a hoover is bad for the fur. You need to give it a gentle shake so you eliminate the crumbs or dust. If the dirt is stains, you can always use a mild soapy solution. Rub it in using a soft cloth.

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