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Make a statement with our eclectic collection of patchwork rugs, blending colors and patterns.

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Patchwork Rugs: Enjoy a Mosaic of Design in Your Decor

Different ways in which patchwork rugs are created

Patchwork rugs are currently very trendy. For their production, there are three different techniques to choose from. Thus, the rugs are available hand-knotted, woven or tufted. Depending on the manufacturing method, the external appearance, weight, and possible areas of use vary.

Hand-knotted rugs usually use wool, which is knotted into a warp of cotton or wool. In most cases, they are made according to a predetermined pattern, knot counts of up to one million per square meter and more are not uncommon. To make knotted patchwork rugs, the desired pattern can either be incorporated directly or the best-preserved pieces - "patches" - are cut out of several used rugs and joined together to form a new rug with the help of decorative stitching. The same applies to woven rugs, in which warp and weft threads form a fabric that is identical on both sides. They are lighter than hand-knotted rugs and offer a wide range of choices with a variety of materials. If patchwork rugs are tufted, they form large loops on a backing fabric. These create a fluffy and cosy look. Here, too, the patchwork pattern is either directly incorporated or individual pieces are sewn together to form a colourful rug.

A "colourful" variety of colours, patterns, shapes, and sizes.

Patchwork rugs stand out with a colourful combination of patterns and colours. With various geometric shapes of different sizes and colours, they make for varied and individual designs. Thus, square or rectangular patches can be the same size and arranged next to each other, or just different sizes and staggered. The colour selection is also diverse. It ranges from monochrome rugs to different gradations of the same colour to a motley mix of colours and styles. Of course, patterned, and plain patches can also complement each other or special effects can be achieved by overlapping. Traditional oriental rugs in patchwork design often show ornate decorations in the form of floral ornaments and vines on the individual patches. They are often in warm natural tones such as orange, red, green, or brown.

How to keep your patchwork rug beautiful for a long time?

To stay beautiful for a long time, patchwork rugs need regular care. Whether they can be washed in the machine, the manufacturer will provide the provides information with appropriate instructions. Regular vacuuming, at least once a week, is the best and easiest maintenance measure. However, when vacuuming, it should be noted that hand-knotted patchwork rugs should not be vacuumed at the highest level. Any stains that arise can be carefully dabbed with a kitchen towel. Rubbing is strongly discouraged, the dirt would only penetrate deeper into the fibres and then be difficult to remove. Since patchwork rugs do not tolerate moisture, a powdered agent is preferable when cleaning at home, please check the colourfastness in an inconspicuous place beforehand. If the stains are already too strong, professional rug cleaning by a specialist is recommended.

The right patchwork rug for every room

A rug in patchwork design attracts attention. It decorates any room with its own unique character. With beautiful colours and patterns, it welcomes guests in the entrance hall and hallway. As a large area rug in the living room, it forms the visual centre and with its diversity skilfully adapts to a variety of interior styles and living concepts. In the bedroom it serves as a soft, warm, and crotch-insulating bed mat, in the children's room it offers ideal conditions for cheerful playing and romping. Patchwork rugs add a touch of colour to monochromatic bathrooms, in the kitchen area they provide cosiness. Depending on the room, there are different materials to choose from. While patchwork rugs made of virgin wool convince living rooms with their softness and warming properties, synthetic fibres in the kitchen and hallway prove to be stain-resistant, durable, and extremely long-lasting.

The right choice for any room concept

Whether classic, modern, or vintage, a rug in patchwork design complements every interior style and every room concept. Rooms kept in plain white get a colourful splash of colour with patchwork rugs, stylish grey tones are suitable for high-gloss furniture and wooden furniture is really set off by patches in different sizes, patterns and colours. In rooms with a lot of decoration and pictures, a rug with a subtle colour scheme provides peace, a rather simple interior style, on the other hand, a colourful mix gives that certain something.

Our patchwork rugs set both colourful and stylish accents and provide warmth and comfort on tiles and laminate them. With different materials, sizes and shapes, we offer our customers an extensive range. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these all-rounders in a patchwork design.

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