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Every parent wants a cozy room for his child, where he can relax. However, in order for a room to fulfill these wishes, a suitable nursery rug must not be missing in any case.

As soon as your offspring is of crawling age, the urge to move starts. Younger children in particular spend most of their time on the floor. All the more important is a rug for the children's room, which meets all requirements. nursery rugs morgenland for girls and nursery rugs for boys must be cozy and fluffy, invite to feel good, conjure up a cozy atmosphere and have the highest possible playability. In addition, a high degree of robustness in the materials is important as the ability to keep your child warm and provide him with protection from the hard floor. The variety of models offers the right product for every taste, from toddlers to adolescents.

What is the best material for nursery rugs?

A nursery rug is best suited in summer cotton, and winter - wool. Since both materials are very easy to clean and durable, we recommend you equip yourself directly with both variants. This way, your child can also decide for himself whether it feels more comfortable just on the warm wool rug or the soft cotton rug. In the end, however, it is always your personal taste that decides, which is certainly met in our selection!  

Why you should choose Morgenland nursery rugs.

Play rugs and street rugs for extra fun - Our little ones often like colorful play rugs and street rugs, on which you can not only walk safely. Indeed, the factor of employment is very important here, so that you as parents can also take a well-deserved rest or have fun together with your child.

Many sizes and shapes - so that everything fits you- As already mentioned, you have a colorful mix of stylish, simple, or playful rugs in our nursery rugs. We also offer different shapes so that the new home item fits well with the conditions of the room.

Washable kid's rug round or square- If your child accidentally drops juice all over the rug or plays on it with crumbling chocolate in hand, do not despair. Our kid's rugs are washable and stand up to messes.  

Cotton & Wool Children's Rug- Not only the shape but also the material of the children's rug plays a crucial role. Cotton is soft and kind to the skin and therefore best suited for sensitive children's skin. In addition, this material in particular is very easy to clean and durable. Wool, on the other hand, also brings some advantages, such as high heat emission. This fact represents an additional coziness factor, especially in the cold season, and radiates security. In addition, wool is odor-resistant and wrinkle-resistant.  

Modern nursery rugs for older kids and teenagers- When your kids get a little older, the demands they have on rugs also change. Style is then required, a color match with the furniture as well. Rugs are easy to replace, so it's not a problem to accommodate changing tastes. Gabbeh rugs are very popular with kids of almost any age. They are sturdy and colorful and, given their many variations, are suitable for a wide variety of children's and teenagers' rooms. If rooms are designed rather monochrome, a colorful nursery rug is a real eye-catcher. On the other hand, if your child's furniture is colorful, a model with fewer colors will bring calm to the room.

Designs for children's rooms that also please your child's rugs are often the focal point of a room. This is also true for a child's room. Provided, of course, that the nursery rug and its pattern are appropriate. Which patterns are particularly suitable for a child's room? A brief overview can help you choose a children's rug.              

Essentially, you have a choice between patterns that quickly attract any child with their playful and lively shapes, themes, and representations, and simpler designs that convey more inner peace. If you want to add a unique touch to the interior design of the kid's room, you should opt for a rug with embellishments. Animal, floral, or other patterns that add a cute touch to a child's rug will appeal to children under the age of seven. Older children tend to prefer plain rug patterns. Natural color palettes such as beige, blue, brown, red, and black harmonize with plain furniture and loosen up the children's room not only visually.              

Finally, when it comes to design, you should always include in your buying decision the person who will be walking on the rug in the room: your child. Even our young children have more style than most people give them credit for.        

Care tips for nursery rugs

  • Regular vacuuming removes gross dirt and protects the rug fibers.              
  • Stains should be gently blotted with a damp cloth as they appear.               
  • Dried stains can also be treated with bile soap and a colorless cloth.              
  • Wool rugs should not be washed with excessive water as this can cause matting. Excessive friction can also cause this.              
  • Individual threads should be carefully cut with scissors if they are loose. If you pull them out, the knot may break.5.
  • Since new rugs are usually sold rolled up, they should be laid out once on their backsides to prevent ripples in the rug.  
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