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Washable Rugs: Stylish Durability for Easy Clean Living

What makes washable rugs great

Being able to wash a rug in the washing machine is extremely convenient. Stains and dirt can be easily removed without the need for professional rug cleaning.

The practical floor coverings are the right choice wherever rooms are heavily frequented. They are also great for places where a lot of dirt is generated. Whether in the entrance area, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, cellar or children's room - with a washable rug, children can spill drinks without worrying and dogs can come home with wet paws. Washable rugs are waterproof, hard-wearing and easy to clean and thus guarantee a high level of hygiene. When they are freshly washed, they are free of dust and pet hair and are ideal for people with allergies.

Washable rugs are available in a wide variety of styles. For example, the trade offers two-layer rugs consisting of the washable part of the rug and a non-slip mat. Since the surface material is particularly thin and light, even large rugs find enough space in the drum of a washing machine. The products also include kitchen runners, play rugs or dirt-trapping mats.

Washable rugs - shapes, colours & materials

Most washable rugs are made of synthetic and microfibres such as polyamide, polyester and viscose. They are easy to machine-clean, hard-wearing, keep their shape, and dry quickly. Other advantages of synthetic fibres include the fact that they do not crease and are heat, light, and weather-resistant. If you are looking for a washable rug based on natural fibres, cotton is a good choice. Cotton rugs are particularly light, hard-wearing and insensitive.

As far as shapes and colours are concerned, there are no limits to washable rugs. From plain and flowered rugs to geometric and abstract patterns, fur patterns and oriental ornaments, they offer the right rug for every taste. Whether round, oval, square or rectangular, easy-care floor coverings are available in many different sizes. They range from small doormats to runners with different lengths and widths.

About the proper care of washable floor coverings

Caring for washable floor coverings is quite simple. Coarse dirt should be removed with a hoover at least once a week. Shaking out and beating serve the same purpose. This way, dirt cannot get stuck in the first place and is not further trodden into the rug. Smaller stains can be easily removed with water and a damp cloth.

Depending on the degree of use and soiling, it is advisable to wash the rug once a week or once a month - usually with a mild detergent at 30 to 60 degrees. When loading, experts advise first stacking the rug in waves and then placing it in the machine. When washing rugs, always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, which will also tell you whether your rug is suitable for the dryer. If it is not, hang it on a pole until it is completely dry. It should not be exposed to excessive heat or direct sunlight.

As a rule, standard household washing machines can hold up to eight kilograms. To avoid overloading the machine, you should check the weight of the rug before washing it. If a rug is heavier, launderettes with their large machines offer an uncomplicated alternative. Larger rugs can be treated with a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner.

Washable rugs offer a variety of options

Washable rugs are especially practical for rooms that are used a lot. In the living room, they create a homely ambience in front of the sofa. Washable rugs are particularly practical in the kitchen. As beautiful kitchen runners, they keep your feet warm and clean. The same applies to entrance areas and hallways, where they are very popular in the form of dirt mats and runners. In the bathroom, they can be matched to any tile colour thanks to a wide range of colours and provide comforting softness after showering and bathing. In pink, they make princesses' dreams come true in the children's room and are not at all unpleasant for sticky pirate fingers. They even stay beautiful for a long time on the balcony and terrace, despite rain and snow.

We offer our customers a wide range of washable rugs. We attach great importance to stylish colours and a wide variety of shapes and materials. This way, everyone can find the rug that meets their needs. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer at Morgenland Rugs.

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