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Transform your office into a professional and comfortable space with our office rugs.

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Your own office is a space where concentration and productivity are paramount. However, for a good atmosphere, your office should be both visually appealing and pleasantly furnished. That's why we offer you a wide range of different office rugs, which differ in their shapes as well as in their colors, designs, patterns, and materials. However, what our office rugs all have in common is their excellent workmanship, which gives them great quality. As a result, you will get an office rug from us that is not only practical and visually inspires you but will also serve you particularly well for a long time.

Office rugs for a beautiful study

Even in the study, you want to have warm feet and feel comfortable. Office rugs are created exactly for this purpose. In addition, office rugs provide a healthy climate and good sound insulation in your workspace. Therefore, it is advisable that you choose a high-quality and beautiful rug for your office. Thanks to our extensive selection of rugs in different looks and sizes, you are sure to find a rug that perfectly suits your style and your office.

If you prefer timeless elegance, our plain rugs in muted colors are a great choice for you. Earth tones and varying shades of gray make great office rug colors. They will create a balanced and calm atmosphere that will help you concentrate. With monochromatic rugs, you draw attention completely to your furnishings and elegantly set the scene for the workspace.

With us, however, you also have the opportunity to set accents in your workspace with our office rugs. Colorful and fancy rugs belong to our assortment as well as oriental rugs and patterned models with creative designs. With these modern designs, you can set visual highlights and give your office a unique style. Patterned rugs dominate the room and should therefore be chosen when the rest of the interior is rather straightforward and simple. This way you will achieve an interesting overall concept that will give your office a special charm.

Practical rug shapes for the office

Especially popular for the office are rectangular and square rugs, which are suitable as a frame for your desk and office chair. Place your desk on the rug as if it were an island and you will consciously direct attention to your tasks. Another option is practical rug runners as well as small oval rugs that you can place in front of your desk or even your office sofa or chair. The advantage of small rugs is their easy cleaning, as they can be easily beaten out when needed. At the same time, they keep your feet nice and warm even if you sit at your desk for a long time. Large rugs, however, are better for soundproofing and create a more homey atmosphere.

High-quality and durable materials

Just as with rugs for other rooms, you can choose between variations with different lengths of fibers for office rugs. In addition, you can also choose from rugs made of natural materials as well as synthetic fibers. Whether cotton or virgin wool, sisal, jute, or polyester - our office rugs are always excellently processed and feel soft and comfortable. High-pile rugs are particularly cozy, while short-pile rugs are more tolerable for allergy sufferers. The high-quality artificial and natural fiber rugs are characterized by their robust and resistant materials. Even if you roll over the rug with your office chair from time to time, it will withstand it wonderfully.

Optimal care of office rugs

Like other rugs, you should vacuum your office rug regularly and dab off stains as soon as possible. rugs made of synthetic fibers are particularly resistant and dirt-repellent. You can therefore simply wipe them with a damp cloth. Make sure that your rug is made of natural fibers, whether they are of animal or plant origin. Natural vegetable rugs can be cleaned easily with water and bile soap, while animal fibers such as virgin wool should not be cleaned with soap suds, as they can compromise their strength and elasticity.


Morgenland office rugs are a pleasant embellishment of your workspace, which will noticeably improve the indoor climate. There are many different models of office rugs, from which you can choose the shape, color, and pattern that suits your style. Both natural and synthetic fibers make the rugs robust and durable room accessories that will make you feel more comfortable at work.

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